The holiday season

The best time of year for kids

If you’re a kid, the holidays are absolutely amazing. But as an adult, we sometimes have extra stresses and busy schedules to deal with. Here’s how we as adults can give our young kids an awesome holiday season without going crazy. Read on to find out! More

Amazon Prime alternatives

Alternatives to Amazon Prime

Today in our Coffee Break section, if you’re looking for alternatives to Amazon Prime, I’ve got you covered. Without Prime, free shipping is slow and requires a fairly high order minimum. That’s not all: Amazon has recently started restricting the availability of some products to Prime customers only in an effort to persuade more people to shell out cash for Amazon Prime. The good news: there are plenty of other well-known online stores who are thrilled to serve your needs, regardless of whether or not you are paying the $$ per year for Prime. Read on to find out the best Amazon Prime alternatives! More