Schoola review – get rid of gently used clothing AND raise money for your school

Finally, I’ve found a good solution for sensibly getting rid of brand-name clothing that your kids have outgrown. It seems like there should be a better solution than a thrift shop, and there is! I tried out Schoola recently. It’s an online store where you can donate gently used brand-name clothing, and the best part is that a percentage of the sales of your items go to benefit your local school! Read on to find out more about how it works and about my experiences donating. More

Style guide kids clothing

Kids spring and summer 2017 fashion guide – tips and trends

The style guide is here for children’s spring and summer fashion 2017! First we’ll take a look at top runway brands to see what the trends are, then see how the budget-friendly stores are doing with it. Finally, we show you actual examples of top trends done well by children’s clothing stores. More