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News: Gymboree re-invents their line in Made You Smile campaign

In breaking news, Gymboree has re-invented their look for a new take on life with their #MadeYouSmile campaign. Their clothing is still exciting and kid-oriented, but with a little more pizzazz that will work well for the older children too. Here we take a look at the new styles – read on for more. More

Review of Stars Messenger app

Review of Stars: the private family messaging app that does not require a phone number

Here I’m reviewing Stars messaging, which our family has recently started using. It’s a phone and tablet app for families and kids who want a way to message each other without requiring a phone number. In other words, it can even work on a tablet with no data plan (so long as there is a Wi-Fi connection). First I’ll briefly explain how Stars works, then outline the pros and cons, and then I’ll explain why I feel it’s a safer fit for kids than other messaging apps on the market. More

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Back to school with French Toast schoolwear – styles, deals, and more

Back to school is an exciting time.  For those who have a dress code or uniform, it’s especially important to make sure your kids have what they need well before the start of school. There’s not really the option to wear just anything if your child runs out of clean dress-code shirts.

French Toast is a US brand which has the biggest range of scholastic wear for all ages: from preschool through senior year of high school. Besides that, they also have a small but growing line of casual wear, but in this article I’ll be focusing just on the school wear.  I’ve shopped at French Toast a lot before. Today we’ll talk about French Toast and what they do, plus hear about what coupon deals they have going on. More