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For a 1st birthday party, you'll likely have many more adults there than children. You'll want to serve foods that adults will enjoy yet which are still easy and cheap to set up, and which at least some will appeal to any other young children there. This can seem like a daunting set of requirements at first! Don't worry, here are plenty of easy and affordable 1st birthday party food ideas which will appeal to all your guests.

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Labor Day weekend 2023 is finally here! Many children's clothing brands are offering online deals and discounts to celebrate, so if you're still looking for a few items to round out your child's wardrobe, this is a good time to shop.

I also find it's a good time to stock up on winter items that your child has outgrown from last year, such as jackets and pajamas, before they go out of stock. Here I take a look at what these popular kids clothing brands have to offer.

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If you're shopping for a tween boy or girl, you need to know that only certain children's clothing stores have styles which appeal to tweens. Some stores specialize mainly towards younger kids so even though they'll often stock tween sizes, it's just a bigger version of a little kid item of clothing, which your tweener won't want to be seen in!

Instead, opt for trendy tween clothes that will appeal to that child. There are several kids clothing stores which have on-trend styles designed specifically for tweeners. Here are your options. Rest assured that most of these popular tween clothing stores are very affordable.

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Its not always easy to find the time to exercise before having a baby, and now that you've got a baby or toddler it can feel even harder! Don't worry, it is in fact possible to fit in a workout when you have a very young child. Not only will you reap the rewards of the health benefits of working out, but you'll also feel better having been able to do something for yourself. Here are some great ways to fit in exercise with a baby or toddler.

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