5 Easy Tips to Save Time Grocery Shopping

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Shopping for groceries needn’t be time-consuming.  Here are some tips for fast supermarket shopping so you have more time for other things in life.

1. Use an ordered list

Aim to have the groceries listed in the approximate order you would come across them in the supermarket. That way, you save time by only traversing the shop once; no need to go back and forth for different items.

This is much easier to accomplish than it sounds; first divide a blank piece of paper into five or six subheadings, for example: 1. Fresh Fruits & Vegetables; 2. Canned & Packaged Foods; 3. Cleaning Supplies; 4. Dairy Items; 5. Personal Hygiene & Miscellaneous (the actual headings best for you will depend on your store layout). Then simply make up your list by putting each item you need under its appropriate subheading.

2. Add to your list as you run low on an item

Instead of setting up your ordered list right before going to the grocery store, keep it handy at home and add to it as you remember during the week.

You’ll save the time and hassle of having to make extra ‘catch-up’ grocery trips by having ample opportunities to remember much-needed items before going shopping.

3. Only bring coupons that correspond to items on your list

No need to take your entire collection of coupons to the supermarket; you’ll only be slowed down by having to hunt for the right ones before checkout.

Instead, before going to the grocery store, quickly look to see if any of your listed items correspond to a coupon you have. If so, you can save time and money at the store by grabbing the relevant coupon(s) as you head out.

4. Go to the supermarket when it’s less busy

You’ll save lots of time shopping and at checkout if you go when the store is less busy. The least busy time you can go will depend on your work schedule and on the supermarket hours. That time will be different for everyone.

For those who work a normal daytime shift Monday to Friday, the best time of day is usually in the weekday evenings, the later the better.

Weekend days are frequently busiest of all; and while they might sound convenient, who really wants to spend precious weekend moments doing grocery shopping? It’s also helpful to avoid store promotional days that are busy for other reasons (e.g. senior citizen discount days, unless of course you are in that category and would therefore benefit from it!)

If in doubt, ask the cashier at checkout which days or times they consider particularly busy or less busy at that particular supermarket; they’ll know.

Taking advantage of online retailers or online freebies can also help you save time. For example, Graze delivers healthy, tasty snacks to your door, customized to your tastes and nutritional needs.

5. Keep on the move

Try to keep your cart moving. Your total grocery shopping time will be much faster if you are on the go the whole time. Also, you then won’t be tempted to waste time (and money!) on things you don’t really need. If you find yourself stopping for no real reason, get moving again; you’ll be surprised at how much time you save with this tip!

In fact, I regularly shop faster at the grocery store when I have my kids with me than without. The secret? The kids like for me to keep the cart moving and they get upset if I stop.

The bottom line…

Anything you can do to save time at the grocery store will pay dividends time-wise over multiple visits. Have fun experimenting with these tips and any other ideas you may have. More time saved = more time for you to relax and take a well-earned break!

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