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How to find good kids clothes
Parent-approved tips for finding affordable children's clothing

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How to avoid impulse splurges on children's clothes while making sure you buy needed items

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Desk with notepad - how to save money on kids clothes when on a tight budget

Every little bit adds up – spent or saved. Here let's find out how you can save a whole lot of money on your kid's clothing by making a list:

1. Don't assume you will always know off the top of your head exactly what child needs which clothing.

Relying on memory alone, you may wind up buying your child clothing items that are not truly needed, and forget to buy other items of clothing which your child is actually low on. Sounds obvious, but it's true.

2. Instead, take a quick look through your children's closets and dressers.

Do they have enough pants? How about socks? Don't forget shoes, outerwear, hats and so on. If they have what they need, then great! You can save money already by not buying these items. If you see an item they need more of, or need in the next size up due to growth, then jot that down on a list. This can also be a good time to plan for the next season.

3. Make your list.

Ideally jot it down on whatever device you have on you when you are shopping. For many people this might be a smartphone or tablet. If you do a lot of shopping online on your desktop, then your computer may be the place to jot this down. Just list all the items that your children still need (e.g. 1 pair jeans, 2 long sleeved tops).

4. Order your list.

This is critical, especially if your cashflow is unpredictable. I just have sub-headings labeled High Priority, Medium Priority and Low Priority. That way, when you have the cash and when a sale is on, you're able to see at a glance which items are the most important for you to purchase and which items you can hold off on until later.

5. Think up to a season ahead.

Sure, some of the next-season items may be placed at lower priority on your list, but have them on there so you'll know what to look for when the sales are happening.

6. Sign up to hear about sales and deals.

One way of doing this is to sign up for updates at each children's clothing store you like.

The other way is to sign up at the bottom of this page to get alerts and a brief summary whenever a new post or deal is listed. I only list the best deals, so you won't get inundated. But it's not a substitute for doing your own homework, since what I think the "best deals" are might be different to what you think they are, and you may like to shop from different clothing stores than I like. My mailing list is the perfect addition to whatever other methods you use to keep track of deals on kids clothes, though!

7. Evolve your list and keep it current!

Cross off needed items as you buy them. Add new items on your list when you discover they are needed. This way, you're in control and you save money. No more impulse buys, but you still have all the fun of shopping for items that are truly needed.

An example list looks something like this – simple and quick:

High priority
Pajamas, 3 sets, size 7 - Anna
Skirts x 2, size 7 - Anna
Cargo-style pants, 1 more pair, size 5 - Nathan

Medium priority
Skinny jeans, size 7 - Anna
Shoes, size 12 - Nathan

Low priority
Anna & Nathan – socks
Nathan – a few more T-shirts, size 5
Anna – 2 more pairs of pants, size 7
Anna – shorts for next season, size 8

8. Shop at an affordable kids store where you can get maximum style for discount store pricing

Once you have your list organized, you may be pleasantly surprised to know that there are several children's clothing stores which have prices similar to, and sometimes even cheaper than, the big-box discount stores. I've put together a list of these stylish yet affordable kids clothing stores for you here.

You'd be surprised at how much money you can save by planning ahead like this and avoiding impulse buys!

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