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Back to school with French Toast schoolwear - styles, deals, and more

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Back to school is an exciting time. For those who have a dress code or uniform, it’s especially important to make sure your kids have what they need well before the start of school. There’s not really the option to wear just anything if your child runs out of clean dress-code shirts, for example.

I’ve shopped at French Toast a lot before, even though my kids don’t have a school uniform or dress code. This is because French Toast has the most durable long pants around. Today we’ll talk about French Toast and what they do, plus hear about what coupon deals they have going on.

About French Toast

French Toast is a US brand which has the biggest range of high-quality scholastic wear for all ages: from preschool through senior year of high school. Besides that they also have a small but growing line of casual wear, but in this article I’ll be focusing just on the school wear.

Dress code finder

What I like best about French Toast is that you can shop by school too - just enter the name of your school and it'll narrow down the products to the ones that fit your school's dress code.


No matter what color your child needs, you’ll be able to find it at French Toast. Where we lived before, my child was about to attend a school that had yellow-gold colored polo shirts, which were practically impossible to find anywhere else but which were available at French Toast. In addition to solid colors, they also stock plaids of various colors for girl’s jumpers and uniform accessories.

Styles of clothing

Just about everything is made in multiple different style options. This comes especially handy when shopping for long pants, for example, where you have a bunch of choices. So if you have a kindergartener who can’t easily handle buttons or zippers, you’ll love the French Toast pull-on pants – they look exactly like the button-and-zipper kind, complete with fake button, but they’re pull-ons with an elastic waist only at the back. No-one will ever know your kid can’t do the buttons or zippers. Here is the Pull-On Boys Pant (which comes with standard leg style) and the Pull-on Girls Pant icon(boot-cut leg style). I still used these styles of pants for a year or two after my kids could handle regular pants, just to make their school days that little bit easier. On the other hand, if your child wants to be like a bigger kid, they have multiple different styles that have the full button and zip fly. All of the pants at French Toast are very durable; much more so than many other pants. In years past the only criticism I’ve had is that more attention to trends would be nice, such as needing skinnier styles of pants, but this season I was very happy to see they’ve moved to including these styles in their offerings.


As you can see, the styles at French Toast are wonderful. I’ve shopped there before and have found them to be very reliable. Besides looking good, the clothing has been very durable for my family, holding up through the wear and tear of two active boys.

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