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Behind the scenes at Sophia’s Style children’s store

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Today we’ll take an exciting sneak peek behind the scenes at Sophia’s Style, a children’s shop here in the US. One of things I like best about Sophia’s Style is that they stock literally everything from high quality casual play wear to the best of formal wear – and at very reasonable price points.

What is it like behind the scenes in children’s clothing? To answer this, we were fortunate enough to be able to reach out to Valentina Chiriacescu, the Children’s Fashion Manager at Sophia’s Style.

Q. To you personally, what is the most exciting thing about day-to-day life at Sophia’s Style?

A. I personally like the team. Everyone in the team has, and loves, kids so with us the business fits like a glove. We’re a big family, the Sophia’s Style family!

Q. What do you look for in brands or styles that you stock in children’s fashion?

A. Before deciding what clothing brands or designers to bring in, we take into consideration three factors: high-quality, good functionality, and attractive designs. If we’re reviewing a collection and it doesn’t meet these requirements, we will drop it.

The whole team is dedicated to getting the best kids clothing items for our customers and we wouldn’t jeopardize the trust we’ve gained in over 11 years.

Q. I noticed that in addition to children’s fashion, you now also stock maternity clothes and women’s apparel. That’s a fantastic idea! What prompted you start doing this?

A. We noticed that new moms are very busy and shopping turns from something they like to something they start to dread (our team also has working moms who confirmed this insight from their own personal experiences). Women just don’t have the time to shop multiple places or look for ages for an item they need, so that’s why we created these new collections, catered to new moms.

And since new moms are always looking for clothes for their little ones (a newborn outgrows clothes extremely fast), we wanted to help them out save time and also offer some shopping perks, like discounts. This is also a great way to get discounts or free shipping as well when you order more from the same place. We like the concept of a membership and the perks that come with it. So we’ve decided to offer maternity clothes and women’s apparel as well, in addition to our regular collections.

This way, moms can shop for their babies and also get something nice or something they need, so they don’t end up ignoring their own needs.

Q. What highlights have you experienced over the past year that most customers aren’t necessarily aware of?

A. We have regular email promotions, giveaways, and contests that we do not promote on the site but only with our newsletter subscribers.

Q. What is something about Sophia’s Style that looks easy but customers have no idea how much work went into it?

A. I think all the campaigns we’ve put together so far look effortless to our customers. And that’s a great thing because they should feel we’re a secure and reliable place to shop from.

If I were to choose one particular thing, I’d say promotions. It’s pretty hard to organize promotional campaigns because we have to make sure we meet both our customers’ needs and our providers’ as well.

We seek to give the best deals for the parents who trust us to give them quality for their money, but also to make sure our providers are willing to negotiate the best costs with us so we can run the promotions.

This can be quite a challenge – we have to create solid business relationships with the providers, watch for the pricing strategy and communicate with our customers in the same time.

Q. A question from those of us in areas of the US with distinct seasons: I noticed you also stock seasonal items like hats, gloves, jackets, boots etc (thank you!). What new and inventive ideas have you seen develop in that area of fashion?

A. Yes, we provide seasonal items because it is important for our customers to be able to dress their kids weather appropriate. We have indeed winter essentials – such as hats, gloves, jackets, boots, but also items for the summer time – bathing suits, trunks, cover ups etc.

Our team noticed one interesting thing: parents are looking for items that not only serve the primary purpose of dressing but also they want some additional features that can protect their kids. For example, there are parents who want a bathing suit with UV protection included, made from special materials.

Q. Although based in the US, I noticed you ship internationally also. We love to see that. For my international readers, can you tell us a little more about the international part of your operations?

A. We want to greatly improve our international activity and have started making progress in this respect. We handle shipping ourselves but we want to make further adjustments here so that our international shipping cost is low and the shipping time is fast.

Valentina Chiriacescu, Children Fashion Manager @Sophia’s Style

Valentina is a young mother and a Children Fashion Manager for Sophia’s St‌yle, where she brings in new kids clothing collections, enjoys writing for the blog and helps customers get the best items for their little ones!

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