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Best places to buy elastic waist pull-on khaki style pants for boys and girls

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Disclosure: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links; however all are places which I trust and have personally shopped at before.

Father and young son out shopping

Maybe you’re in the process of toilet training your child – or perhaps your child is trained but impulsive and needs the bathroom at the last minute.

You don’t want your little guy or little gal to have an accident when dealing last-minute with buttons, zippers, or snaps.

But you do want nice khaki-style elastic waist pants that your child can wear proudly and that will pair nicely with crisp button-down shirts or dressy tops. No need for your kid to be in active wear pants all the time just because they’re having too much fun to plan their bathroom breaks!

So, where can I find these nice pants, you may be asking? And will I have to spend lots of money to do this? Rest assured, you won’t have to spend a lot of money for your child to look stylish. Your approach will differ somewhat based on whether you have a boy or a girl, since the brands have very different offerings for boys and girls.

If you have a boy:

My top favorite places for boy’s pull-on pants (in no particular order) are:The Children's Place (their cargo pants are pull-on), French Toast, and Old Navy.

French Toast is actually a school uniform store, but there’s nothing to stop you buying there even if your child’s school has no dress code. In fact, you may be better off that way: besides competitive pricing and cheap shipping, your child will be unique: every other boy in the class probably won’t be wearing the same brand. Most other moms simply won’t think to shop there unless their child’s school has a uniform or dress code.

My boys have elastic waist pants from all three places that I mentioned, and we’ve found that the French Toast ones look best and are the most durable. However, all brands are good and all pair nicely with other clothes.

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If you have a girl:

For girls, although it can be difficult to find elastic-waist pull-on khaki-style pants, you do have vastly more alternative options than for boys. These are:

  • jeggings
  • leggings
  • skirts
  • dresses

None of these require zippers or buttons for toileting purposes, so these are ideal alternatives to pull-on pants for girls.

If your daughter’s school has a uniform or stringent dress code and absolutely needs khaki or navy pants, the only place that I’ve found that has them with an elastic waist for girls is French Toast.

An alternative to pull on pants is to find adjustable-waist pants. These are regular khaki-type pants with zipper and button, but with the back of the pants being elasticated inside the waistband. Inside the pants you can adjust the length of the elastic. My friend uses this solution for her daughter – the trick is simply to make sure you adjust the elastic loose enough that your little girl can pull them down without bothering with buttons, but tight enough that the pants won’t fall down during normal play. At the time of writing this post, The Children's Place sells pants like this – read product descriptions carefully, as not all of their styles offer this feature.


It’s OK if your little boy or girl can’t yet do buttons or zippers easily. There are alternatives for your little guy or gal that won’t make them look like they’re always in gym class! We help you make sure there are no barriers to having your child look stylish.

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