Best free sites or apps to brighten your day – for the busy person!

You want to brighten your day, but you don’t have the time for a 30-minute game. No problem! Here are some great free sites that give you maximum bang for your minute.

Use some or all of these to brighten your day! These are definitely NOT addictive and you won’t spend too much time, yet they’re fun enough to put a smile on your face and have you coming back to them tomorrow.

All of these sites are mobile-friendly, too!

1. SketchSwap

Sketchswap‘s unique idea is that you get to draw something, and then swap sketches with a stranger (anonymously). Sketches are moderated, so you’ll be assured it’ll be family-friendly. No need for sign-ups, just go to the site and start drawing with your stylus or mouse! Submit your drawing and you’ll be rewarded with a drawing that someone else has done for you. It definitely puts you in a happier mood!

2. Good News Network

Restore your faith in humanity. Good News Network is a news site which aggregates good news – things that people have done for each other, heroes in our community, and so on. With the mainstream media paying attention to all the bad things in life, it’s easy to get a skewed, overly negative view of humanity. The Good News Network is guaranteed to make you realize some of the good that’s going on all around us.

3. Archie Saves Riverdale – free game app for Android and iPhone

This is a fun, non-addictive game for the busy person. Escape for a few minutes (or more!) each day into the simpler, happy world of Riverdale with Archie, Betty, Veronica and the rest of the crowd. The teens are working at improving Riverdale buildings, hanging out and making friends, and YOU get to decide what each person does.  You can get it for Android here.  For iPhone, the name seems to have changed to Archie: Riverdale Rescue.

Because it takes so long for any task to get done (e.g. “watch a movie”, this Archie game won’t take up much of your real time – you just set up your characters on the tasks you want them to do, close the app, and come back to it later when your characters are done. I typically set my characters up twice a day for about 5 or so minutes each session. I’ve been playing daily for 50+ days (according to the game!) and I’ve found it very relaxing and enjoyable, yet it’s not time-consuming at all. No penalty/disadvantage if you’re not active on it: I stopped playing over Christmas break, and I just carried on where I left off. Very enjoyable.

4. List of 30 unintentionally awful domain names

For good old-fashioned laugh-out-loud humor, you can’t beat this list of real-life awkward domain names from Pleated Jeans. If I ever am in need of a good laugh, I take a look at this site. Check it out!

5. Pandora internet radio

If you’re busy, then as background put your own exclusive radio station on, with only songs that you like. It makes for a great mood-lifter as background music to whatever you’re already doing. I always put Pandora on while I’m mopping the floor – makes the task seem faster and more fun!

You start by naming one song, and they make a ‘station’ for you based on that song. You can create several stations, and even mix stations to create a new combo one. If there are songs played that you don’t like, you can give them a thumbs-down and they won’t play them again. So Pandora ‘evolves’ what it plays to suit your tastes. You can have more than one station, too, although I just stick with my favorite one.


You deserve to brighten your day, so go for it! Here are ways that even the busiest person can put a bright spot in their day, without using up much time. Enjoy!

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