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Best tween clothing brands

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Tween girl in trendy dress

If you're shopping for a tween boy or girl, you need to know that only certain children's clothing stores have styles which appeal to tweens. Some stores specialize mainly towards younger kids so even though they'll often stock tween sizes, it's just a bigger version of a little kid item of clothing, which your tweener won't want to be seen in!

Instead, opt for trendy tween clothes that will appeal to that child. There are several kids clothing stores which have on-trend styles designed specifically for tweeners. Here are your options. Rest assured that most of these popular tween clothing stores are very affordable.

Old Navy

If you're looking for trendy tween clothes but at a price that won't break the bank, then Old Navy is your best bet. They have awesome casual clothing for all ages from baby to adult, and their tween clothes are nicely on point. Whether you're looking for clothes for a boy or a girl, this is the perfect place to start.

Old Navy isn't the best place for particularly dressy clothes - they specialize mainly in trendy casual clothing and athletic wear. Don't worry, if you're looking for something a bit more formal, we have it for you next.

Janie and Jack

Shop Your Favorites at Janie and Jack! is best for a more dressed-up look for tweens, for example a nice photo day outfit, graduation day from elementary school, semi-formal middle school dance or simply for going out to dinner at a nice restaurant. Everyone needs at least one dressy outfit like this in their wardrobe. The look from Janie and Jack is a modern twist on traditional styling.

Janie and Jack is for boys and girls of all ages, but in particular their tween collections are designed specifically for that age group and not simply a larger size of their little kid clothes. They do an incredibly good job of being on trend. The price point at Janie and Jack is a little higher than the other brands mentioned on this page, but it's well worth looking into because of the top-notch quality and beautiful styles.


Justice is for tween girls only! Because it specializes in only this age range, Justice is well known for being on top of tween trends. Besides all the regular tween clothing they also have specialty items such as comfy first bras.

Sugar & Jade

If you like the styles at Justice but are looking for a more affordable price point, then Sugar & Jade is the perfect match. Sugar & Jade is for tween and teen girls only, and is owned by The Children's Place so you can be assured of reliability. They have trendy tween girl clothes that won't break the bank.

French Toast

Shop Now!

If your tween boy or girl needs school uniforms, I recommend French Toast. This US brand specializes in school wear, dress code and uniforms. You get extremely high quality at an affordable price point. In particular, I like the little things that make a difference to your tween, such as polo neck collars laying flat and not looking awkward - right out of the dryer. Likewise for the pleated skirts - you get a polished look easily, no need for ironing. This gives an instantly upscale look to your tween's uniforms.


The best clothing stores for tweens are Old Navy, Shop Your Favorites at Janie and Jack!, Justice (girls only), Sugar & Jade (girls only), and French Toast. Yes it's possible to find cute clothes for tweens that are on trend!

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