review – great deals on well-known brands while helping the environment

Great deals on home, clothing and more

If you like getting deals on major brands of clothing, accessories, home goods and more, you’ll love US store You can get items for a fraction of the retail price, and it’s completely legit – no knockoffs.


How does this work? BLINQ partners with well-known retailers to get leftover inventory; for example overstock items that are new in retail packaging, or returned goods that are open-box (i.e. the packaging is not intact but item is new). Basically, items the retailer just doesn’t need anymore. Some of these items are fancy brands like Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, and more. Other items are from more mainstream brands. Instead of having all of these items just be thrown out, BLINQ gets them and sells them deeply discounted, passing the savings along to you.

So you can use BLINQ to snag some fantastic deals on items for your family and home (and for yourself too!) While doing so, you have the satisfaction of helping the environment by preventing these good-quality items from being sent to a landfill.

I recently shopped at on two separate occasions and decided to review my experience in this article.


  1. Great selection of products. Whether you’re looking for a particular type of item or just browsing deals, you’ll see it’s easy to find what you want, for example if you’re looking for a particular size or color.
  2. You can get some incredibly good deals – these can be up to 94% off recommended retail price.
  3. Free shipping within the US on everything. No order minimums. We love free shipping!
  4. The item condition is prominently shown on the product description so that you know exactly what you’d be getting, and is self-explanatory – no confusing codes. There is “Brand New – item is in retail packaging” (as if you’d purchased it yourself at the original retailer brand-new) and “Like New – Open Box – item looks and feels new, packaging may show wear”.  There is also “Used” although it’s rarer to come across that.  The condition made it easy for me know exactly what I’d expect to receive.
  5. Clear return policy with 30-day money back guarantee.
  6. A good selection of payment options at checkout; you can choose from: Credit/Debit card, PayPal or Amazon Payments. On my first time ordering, I paid by PayPal, which I love for its speed and convenience. My second time, I decided to use Amazon Payments because it’s also handy: it pre-fills the shipping address for me (it lets me select any of the ones from my Amazon address book), and charges the credit card I have on file in my Amazon account. Everything went smoothly.
  7. Fast order processing and shipping. On both occasions that I ordered, I received a shipping notice with tracking number in less than 24 hours from placing my order. One of these orders contained 3 very different items from different departments, so they must literally have started packing my order the minute I placed it. Very impressive. Shipping was very fast to my home in Kentucky.


  1. The occasional mis-categorized item. For example, you could be browsing the Home and Garden section and find an item or two of women’s clothing there (no, not gardening wear either). This is not a big drawback at all, since it’s very obvious when that happens and look on to the next result.

The Give Back Box

The Give Back Box is an optional thing you can do to re-use your BLINQ box after your order arrives. You can donate old outgrown clothing and other gently used unwanted items in your home to a nearby charity. This means you can declutter your home and make some space for your new purchases, while helping a charitable organization. If you wish to do this, simply go to BLINQ’s Give Back Box page where you can get a printable shipping label for your box and send it via UPS or USPS.

Conclusion is a reliable and legitimate seller of excess inventory from major retailers. I highly recommend it based on my own shopping experiences there.

I’ve noticed that BLINQ can be a better option than Target, Amazon or Walmart for everyday things that you need but don’t want to have the hassle of making a separate trip to go out and buy. For example: AA batteries – something every parent needs for remote controls and kids toys. If you’re running low on batteries and if you just want the batteries to come to you instead of having to go out and buy them with kids in tow (relatable right?!) then BLINQ is perfect. By contrast, Walmart and Target have a minimum order requirement to qualify for free shipping, and Amazon can be quite pricey for certain items even if you have Prime – and if you’re non-Prime like me, then order minimums apply. So, BLINQ is my new go-to place when I need items for my home or just if I’m looking for a really good deal.  The free shipping keeps everything worry-free and hassle-free for me.  BLINQ is also a good place to purchase wonderful birthday gifts for relatives without breaking the bank.

Items that are in stock at BLINQ change frequently, so if something catches your eye, jump on it! BLINQ lists new inventory every day, which it keeps it fresh and exciting, and you can stand to score some great deals there.