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How to find good kids clothes
Parent-approved tips for finding affordable children's clothing

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Cotton On - trendy kids clothes that are sustainable and socially conscious

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beach image with text overlay - cool and sustainable kids clothes

In these unusual times, if you already have the clothes your kids need, or if you would rather limit your purchases to just the essential things, that's sensible - you can put your cash toward those more urgent things.

However, if you are looking for some trendy and cool clothes for kids that are ethically made with a socially conscious mission, then you'll be helping more than just your child. You will make a difference in children's education in underprivileged parts of the world if you shop at Cotton On. The price point is similar to that of Old Navy - a little less than that of Gymboree, but higher than The Children's Place. Let's go ahead and take a look at pics some of the Cotton On styles.

Besides their children's clothes, Cotton On also has a line of women's and men's clothing, as well as fun modern stationery and home items. Further down I'll also explain a bit more about their ethical mission, but let's see the children's styles first.


As you can see in the pics below of their children's styles, Cotton On has a trendy laid-back cool with a modern attitude and a hint of surfer style. I noticed that pricing was surprisingly low considering a) the styling and b) the sustainability and social mission.

The children's sizes go from 2 to 10, while their baby clothes go all the way from newborn to 24 months. I was actually surprised that they didn't go beyond size 10 for kids; the cool attitude is something that would certainly appeal to tweeners and young high schoolers also.

For sizing and pricing, just press on any of the images. Shipping is reasonable: at the time of writing (May 2020), you get free shipping (yay!) for orders $40 and up. Orders under $40 have a flat rate shipping of $6 per order.

Boy's styles


Above: Max Short Sleeve Tee


above: Kendricks Polo Top


Above: Bermuda Dnm Short

Girls Styles


Above: Kaia Tank


Above: Lillie Short Sleeve Dress


Above: Nina Knit Short

Ethical supply chain and socially conscious mission

I was glad to learn that Cotton On benefits the environment and others. This is starts at the beginning of when a garment is made and all the way through to the end upon purchase.

The beginning: ethical supply chain

Cotton On sources their materials sustainably from ethical suppliers that have water preservation practices, reduce waste, and conserve energy (see reference 1). They also ensure they offer good workplace conditions and a living wage to their workers. Cotton On partners with the Better Cotton Initiative and their very own Kwale Cotton farming project in Kenya (reference 1). Suppliers must meet 14 rules in order to trade with Cotton On (reference 2).

The finished products: donations to global literacy and numeracy projects

In Cotton On stores, there are additional products besides the clothing and stationery I mentioned at the start (those items are typically tote bags, water bottles, etc) from the Cotton On Foundation available for purchase. These products are also now available online. 100% of the proceeds from these additional products go to global projects for children's education and school meals in disadvantaged parts of Uganda, South Africa, Australia, and Thailand (reference 3).


Cotton On offers original styles in kids clothes at a surprisingly affordable price point. The cool looks and neat attitude will ensure your child looks awesome. And since they also have women's and men's clothing, you can get items that you might need too. It's wonderful to know that with your purchase, you're making a difference to others in the world, helping more than just your child. If you happen to be looking for new clothes for your kids, it's well worth taking a look.

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You heard it first at - where children's clothes shouldn't cost the earth!

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