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The easy fix if you can't add items to your cart at French Toast

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Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. This helps keep this website running.

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I was shopping online at French Toast, the U.S. school uniform and dress code outfitters. I've shopped there many times before and love the high quality of their items and the affordable price point. When shopping though, I seemed to be unable to add my items to the cart, no matter how many times I hit "Add to bag". I even tried on my husband's computer, but no luck there either. Don't worry, it turned out to be a simple omission I made, even though it's not immediately obvious at first glance. So if you're in the same situation, read on, you've probably done the exact same thing.

I've included some screenshots below for an illustrated guide to make it extra-clear.

Why you can't add items to your bag

In the case of items that come in more than one color, French Toast does not set a default color option. This is a bit different to most children's clothing stores, where if you shop online then an item will have a default color pre-selected and you have the option to change it. So, for French Toast, this means you have to definitely specify the color of the item you want, even if you want what seems to be the main default color.

you have to specify the color of the item you want, even if you want what appears to be the main default color

But wait, there's more! Not only do you need to specify the color, but also the size (well, that part is obvious), and also the size range, which is Toddler, Youth, Plus/Husky, or Adult. Fortunately, the size range has a default of Youth, which is what you'd mostly want for K through 12 ages, unless you need Plus or Husky (please note that not all items are available in extended sizes).

So if you are having trouble adding items to your cart at French Toast, make sure you've selected all the following:

  1. Size range (Toddler / Youth / Plus/Husky / Adult)
  2. Color
  3. Size

Let's take a look at the screenshot below of this French Toast school uniform two-tab skort; I've circled everything that needs to be selected before it will let you add it to your cart.

Screenshot of school uniform skort on French Toast website

As you can see in the screenshot above, you still need to specify the color, even though the product image itself looks to be navy blue.

Once you have selected all 3 things, you can press the "Add to bag" button and it will go to your cart without any problems. So it's a super-easy fix, but not one that's intuitive, especially when the product is shown in a particular color, you think it means that choice is selected already.

What French Toast has done to solve the problem

Logo 336x280

To their credit, French Toast has tried to solve this problem - before I don't remember seeing this, but recently I noticed that they do try to alert you to any omissions. So now if you try to press "Add to bag" on an item without all the necessary things selected, a small red message will appear near the color and size saying "Please select color" and "Please select size".

Other possible issues with the cart

If that didn't solve your problem, there is one other possible solution. This applies if you're changing your shipping country, so in most cases that won't be an issue, but if you're shipping elsewhere than the U.S. or need to change your shipping country for any reason, read on. French Toast ships worldwide although please be aware shipping is expensive outside of the U.S. (I also have info about more kids clothing stores which ship internationally.) On French Toast, you can change your shipping country by selecting the flag icon at the top of the page on their site. But if you've already added items to your shopping bag before changing your shipping country, then it will forget your items after changing country. This means that if you change your shipping country you'll have to start over adding items to your cart.

So the only other cart issue (that I'm aware of at the time of writing) with French Toast is if you change your shipping country after you've added items to your cart.


If you can't add items to your shopping cart at French Toast, it's probably because you forgot to specify the size range, color, and/or size of the item you want. All 3 need to be specified before it will let you add the item to your cart.

Another possibility is if you change your shipping country after adding items to your cart, it will then forget the items you added earlier and you'll have to start over adding things to your cart.

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