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Family friendly meal idea: Fiesta Friday

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Written by Vera C. Last updated on .

Tacos for Fiesta Friday

I wanted to switch things around for my family food-wise, so I decided to do Fiesta Friday. It's a fun and family friendly dinner idea.

What is Fiesta Friday?

It's simple: Fiesta Friday is when you move taco night from a Tuesday to a Friday, and throw in adult beverages for the grown-ups. If you don't drink alcohol, then instead try organic soft drinks in fun new flavors.

If you wish, the kids could have some juice or kool-aid, even if you don't normally let them, as a treat for Fiesta Friday.

Bonus: add a family dinner game

If your kids are old enough, play a dinner game to connect as a family while eating, like taking turns naming a country or city starting with each letter of the alphabet. Often this game can result in conversation starters as kids ask about some of those countries or cities. We don't worry about keeping on track with the game: if we go off into a whole other topic, that's fine!

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What are the advantages of Fiesta Friday?

  • It's a very easy meal to make
  • It lends a fun vibe to the meal - it feels more like a party than a meal
  • Everyone gets exhausted after the end of a long week, kids too, especially if they are at school or daycare. Fiesta Friday acknowledges that it's a chance for the family to kick back and relax
  • Family friendly - even picky eaters like the fact that they have options of what to add into their taco
  • Gets the weekend off to a positive start for everyone

How to make tacos

Even if you have not made tacos in awhile and can't remember how to do it, it's OK. I used this super-easy slow cooker chicken taco recipe from Laura Fuentes (bonus: slow cooking made the house smell yummy). There are many other easy taco recipes out there, so if slow cooking doesn't fit with your dinner schedule then try going for one of the taco recipes on Allrecipes.

Add whatever toppings you like. I set out toppings like sour cream, shredded cheese, guacamole, etc, and let people pick what they wanted. The kids love the fact they have options of how to build their taco. Here is an image of the results. Even my little guy who doesn't like spicy foods really enjoyed this.

close-up of tacos

If you're stuck for what to put on your family's menu, give Fiesta Friday a try and see how it goes!

margaritas in glass on striped tablecloth

Above: Maybe some margaritas for the adults?

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