How to find good kids clothes
Parent-approved tips for finding affordable children's clothing

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Are you overwhelmed with a busy family life and never enough time to declutter? I can relate. Over the weekend, I started decluttering. Even though there were a lot of items that had gradually built up over the years, I managed to declutter a lot of items in a surprisingly short time, and if I can do it, you can too! It's definitely easier than you would think.

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Here I’m reviewing Stars messaging. It’s a phone and tablet app for families and kids who want a way to message each other without requiring a phone number. You can also do video chat. In other words, it can even work on a tablet with no data plan (so long as there is a Wi-Fi connection). First I’ll briefly explain how Stars works, then outline the pros and cons, and then I’ll explain why I feel it’s a safer fit for kids than other messaging apps on the market.

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