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French Toast school uniforms launches a line of adaptive clothing for kids

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Schoolgirl in uniform looking out from between brick school buildings

School uniform outfitter French Toast has developed a new line of adaptive clothing for kids ages 4 to 20 who have mobility challenges or other difficulties with getting dressed. These items of clothing look outwardly exactly like the regular French Toast school wear but are much easier for kids to handle when getting changed, making it easier for the child to be independent. On this adaptive line of clothing, you'll see fake buttons on shirts and pants - these ensure that children who are wearing the adaptive line will look just the same as their peers. The discreet EZ-Closure (Velcro-like closures) make for an easier alternative to zippers and buttons. Children can operate EZ-Closure with one hand. Also, pants, skirts, and other bottoms all have a higher rise than the regular line of schoolwear to ensure full coverage.

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I'll go more detail about these adaptive clothes for kids shortly, but first let's see how these items compare with existing options at French Toast.

How this adaptive clothing compares with existing options at French Toast

I'd like you to be aware that there is already a middle option at French Toast between regular clothing and adaptive clothing, which I'll call "easy-on" clothing. Depending on your child's needs, easy-on clothing may be all that your child requires rather than the adaptive line. To get a feel for what's best for your child, let's take a look at this diagram I created.

Disclaimer: bear in mind that this article does not constitute medical advice. Here I'm showing you what's available in the new adaptive line and how that stacks up against existing options. If you're not certain of your child's needs you should get advice from your child's physical therapist, occupational therapist, orthopedist, or educator to know what he or she needs clothing-wise.

Regular French Toast line

  • Expectation: Child can do buttons and zippers independently.
  • Clothing: There are buttons on shirts, pants, and shorts. There are also zippers on pants and shorts.
  • Example: The Adjustable Waist Double Knee Pant


  • Expectation: Child cannot do buttons and zippers on shorts and pants. Child can do jacket zippers.
  • Clothing: Pull-on uniform shorts and pants with fake button and fly and a discreet elastic waist at back. Use tops from the regular line.
  • Example: The Pull-On Pant

Adaptive line

Expectation: Child cannot do any buttons or zippers yet; child may need extra width at lower leg of pants to accommodate special footwear or brace.

Clothing: Hidden velcro-like closures on shorts, pants, shirts, and outerwear. Fake buttons make the item look exactly like the regular line. Side closures on long pants allow ease of accommodating special footwear or leg brace. Skorts and leggings have side loops to allow your girl to more easily pull them on. Skorts, pants, skirts, shorts and other bottoms all have a higher rise to ensure underwear does not show. All clothing has flat seams and tearaway labels to ensure comfort.

Example: The Adaptive Relaxed-Fit Twill Pant

Pricing - the adaptive line has the same price range as regular clothes

I was pleased to note that even though clothing from the adaptive line has a lot more features, French Toast is pricing their adaptive items similarly to their regular clothes. French Toast's pricing is very affordable already and I can attest the quality is top-notch - I've bought from their regular line and their easy-on line before.

I'm relieved to see that families who need adaptive clothing can base their decisions of which French Toast items to buy based purely on the child's needs - there's not a cost difference between these lines of clothing.

Children-first philosophy

In the adaptive line of clothing, French Toast has gone for independence, comfort, ease and fit. For example, the EZ-Closures on adaptive clothing can be operated one-handed. Seams are flat, and tags are tear-off. I love that French Toast has done what is best for the child. You can learn more about the design of the adaptive line here, or browse the collection of adaptive clothes here.

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You heard it first at - where children's clothes shouldn't cost the earth!

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