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Create a no-sew scarf for your child in 5 minutes

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Above: The gorgeous winter fabrics we picked from

Here I’ll explain in 2 easy steps how to make a scarf for your child. I did this for my 2 children recently when they asked for scarves. At first I considered taking the kids to a store, picking out a scarf each that they liked, winding up many dollars poorer, etc etc. It just seemed like extra time and money for something that they may or may not wear much.

Instead, I remembered I had some polar fleece material in 3 different designs left over at home from a previous project (seen in pic above). I told my kids instead of buying a scarf, we were going to make our own. They thought this was awesome.

Step 1. Get polar fleece fabric

There are several places you can find polar fleece. It definitely needs to be polar fleece so that a) it’s warm enough and b) it doesn’t fray upon cutting: essential when making a no-sew scarf.

I already had some polar fleece that I’d purchased from, but if you prefer to go in person to a craft store or fabric shop you can do that instead. I found to be very reliable and it has the huge advantage of not needing to pack the kids up and go to a store. Your children can even help pick out the polar fleece designs they like on the website. In addition to patterns and plain colors, I also noticed licensed Disney prints, sports team prints, and more. Pricing was nice and low, slightly cheaper than most craft stores. You can sit back, relax, and have it shipped to your home.

Important shopping tip

Regardless of where you buy, make sure that the length of polar fleece you purchase is long enough for a scarf. This is surprisingly easy to overlook! The scarves I made for my kids were 60 inches in length (= 1 yard and 2 feet). This was for a 6 year old and an 8 year old, but a couple of inches longer might have been a little better. Really the length will depend on your child’s preferences. Use your or your spouse's existing scarf as a measurement guide on your child to see how many inches shorter you think your child’s scarf should be.

Step 2. Cut the polar fleece to size

Simply lay the polar fleece flat and cut a long rectangle of the dimensions of your scarf. I made them 60 inches long and 10 inches wide, but feel free to alter the dimensions to suit your child.

I found it easiest to lay the fleece down with one of the long edges along the edge of a table or on the floor near a wall as a guide. This makes it easier to cut straight without needing to use tailor’s chalk.

Optional: If your child would like a fringe on his or her scarf, you can create that effect by making a series of cuts at each end of the scarf. Make the cuts about 1/4 inch apart and make them 2-3 inches in length.

Done, and done!

No sew scarf
Above: The finished scarf for my oldest child.

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