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How to find good kids clothes
Parent-approved tips for finding affordable children's clothing

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Where to find good quality kids clothing at an affordable price

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girl on floor wearing a dress - how to find good quality kids clothing at a cheap price point

You want great quality kids clothing for your children without breaking the bank. And yes, that is entirely possible. I'll show you how. Firstly, don't automatically assume the "big box" discount stores are the only places to shop. Often, places like Walmart and Target are actually not any cheaper than the affordable children's clothing stores. This was a big surprise to me when I first started looking for clothes for my kids, but it's true. So don't restrict your search only to the major discount stores.

I'm hearing you say "But I just can't afford the fancy kids brands!" Don't worry - you won't be shopping at expensive boutique stores or spending more per piece than you're comfortable with, and yes, you will get high quality kids clothes. First I'll cover the affordable places I shop for my children's clothes, and then I'll add in some extra tips and tricks I've figured out over the years.

Best places for affordable clothes for kids

The hands-down number one place I go to for good quality children's clothes is The Children's Place. Don't let its boutique look fool you - for years I literally WALKED PAST my local Children's Place store thinking I couldn't really afford to shop there :( Well, I was wrong! When you shop online at The Children's Place, most of the items are marked down to below discount-store pricing. Sure, some of the fancier pieces like jackets or rugby shirts will be pricey, but all of their basics (pants, skirts, dresses, T shirts) are great quality and are very cheap no matter what time of year you shop.

At the moment they have free shipping with all orders, no minimums.

My next place I recommend, especially if I'm looking for great quality activewear or additional casual wear for my kids, is Old Navy. It's not usually quite as cheap as The Children's Place, but on the other hand there are more activewear options at Old Navy than you find at most other kids clothing stores. If you have a sporty child, this might be a good place to look into. Besides children's clothes, they also have men's and women's, so you can shop for the whole family there.

And finally, when I'm looking for something that stands out style-wise, and if I can wait a bit for a good sale to come around, then I recommend OshKosh B'gosh. I know, this is one of the places I used to think I'd never be able to afford! But truly, when they have a sale, their items can be the same price as discount retail stores. Many people don't know this, so it's worth taking a look online at the OshKosh B'gosh home page to see if any discounts are available. They always put their deals right there on the front page. Sizing goes from newborn all the way to size 14, and their items are so cute.

If on the other hand you want a stylish item right now and the OKBG prices are too high and you can't wait for their next sale, it's worth taking a look at their more affordable sibling store Carter's. Carter's has lower prices right off the bat, although their sales aren't always quite as good of a deal as OKBG.

Making your kids clothing budget work to the max for you

Here are some tips I put together that help me with my children's clothes budget:

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