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How to keep up with your kids liquid medication doses

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Written by Vera C. Last updated on .

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little girl sick in bed - how to remember kids medication doses while keeping medication in original container

If your child has strep and has been prescribed antibiotics, you want to be certain your child is taking the correct amount at the correct time. But as a parent, when you're busy with the needs of multiple kids, you can suddenly find yourself wondering if you remembered to give your child his or her dose of medication, or not. You never want to run into this problem - and if you do, you should definitely put in a call to your child's doctor's office to ask what to do. Certain types of medications can be dangerous or even deadly in the event of taking extra doses, while others could be equally dangerous at too few doses - that depends on which medicine it is and on your child's medical situation. So it's important to seek medical advice straight away if you find yourself uncertain whether you gave your child their medicine dose.

It's best if you can prevent this situation from happening in the first place. Here's a foolproof solution that works for all type of medicines (liquid, pill, etc) while still keeping your child's medicine in its original container.

The solution: use medicine reminder tabs

The best solution is to use peel-off sticky tabs that you stick on the side of your child's medicine bottle. I recommend the tabs from tooktake, which are designed especially for busy parents of kids - this is NOT a product that is originally aimed at the elderly (although it would work there too).

How it works: each time you give your child a dose, peel off the sticky tab corresponding to that dose, as shown in the image above.

Then you're able to see at a glance whether that day's dose has been taken. Don't worry if your child has a different dosing schedule than in the photo - tooktake has options of labels for various dosing situations, for example, once a day, twice a day, every 4 hours, etc. You'll be able to get the ones you need there.


  1. Works for any type of medication - liquid, pills, etc
  2. Medicine stays in original container - this is by far the best solution for safety, since it most likely has a childproof cap
  3. There is no way to confuse multiple kids medications when you ensure each one stays in its original container - just put tooktake reminder tabs on each child's medicine bottle and you're good to go!
  4. Ideal for all ages - whether your child is a baby, toddler, or schoolchild, this system works equally well
  5. You can see at a glance which doses your child has had that day and which doses are still needed
  6. Does not rely on external checkboxes such as on a phone app or pen and paper, which might not be within arms reach when you're giving the medicine to your child
  7. So quick and easy that you'll be able to do it before you get distracted by some other happening in your home, such as your other child wanting your attention or the myriad of other things you need to attend to as a parent

Why tooktake reminder labels are better than other solutions

You don't want a pill dispenser since these won't work for liquid medications. Even if your child has been prescribed pills, pill dispensers are typically not childproof, which is a must if you have young kids in the house. It's always best to keep medications in their original container.

Medication tracker apps are helpful, but only as a reminder - if you're out and about, you might not notice the app notification. A medicine reminder app is perfect in combination with the tooktake reminder labels though. That way you get the reminder, but you're still able to keep track of dosages on the medicine bottle itself.

When to buy

It's best to buy reminder labels now - before your child gets sick. It's well worth it. If you buy labels for your children's lunch boxes, drink bottles and so on, how much more important is it to keep on top of medication than a lost drink bottle? You can get them at tooktake.com - there is also a useful FAQ page there.

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