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Janie and Jack's preppy styles are here to stay as part of the Gap brand

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News - Janie and Jack bought by Gap

I don't normally cover Janie and Jack because of their higher price point, but I'm now wondering if things might change a little since they have been bought by the Gap brand. First I'll talk about what happened, then I'll cover what this means for parents of kids, and lastly I'll mention a couple of deals that Janie and Jack have going on.

Back at the start of this year, when Janie and Jack's cheaper sibling brand Crazy 8 closed for good, no-one knew what this would mean for the long-term future of Janie and Jack. For awhile, they continued on their own, which included their physical store locations. A little later Janie and Jack was bought by Gap (see references 1, 2).

Let's take a look at where this is headed and what this means for parents of kids.

Things that are staying the same

  • Janie and Jack is still operating from its existing website at the time of writing. Gap hasn't made a big deal about the change of ownership on the Janie and Jack site, at least for now.
  • Their preppy style and upscale look has not changed!
  • Their clothing continues to be available in existing Janie and Jack stores, and online.

Things that have changed

  • Janie and Jack used to ship internationally; now they only ship within the US.

Where this is headed

The fact that the Gap ownership isn't trumpeted on the Janie and Jack website indicates to us that Gap perceives Janie and Jack to be such a strong brand that the brand will stand on its own.

This conclusion is further backed up by the fact that Janie and Jack is not shown as a brand tab on the Gap site at the time of writing. Other Gap brands such as Banana Republic, Old Navy, etc are all accessible from the Gap website; this is not the case for Janie and Jack.

Let's take a look at the question of price point. Janie and Jack falls well within the price ranges of the Gap family of brands, so in theory there is no need for Gap to make any changes there. However, it's certainly possible that Gap may (as a huge brand) be able to bring us even better value for money. Janie and Jack is known for top-quality preppy clothing - and frankly this is what their fans love about them - so I doubt that Gap will sacrifice quality or style. However, it's certainly possible that due to Gap's resources (better supply line pricing for a bigger brand, etc), that we might see a little more affordability from Janie and Jack in the future.

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1. Kelly Tyko, March 2019 Janie and Jack stores staying open as Gap acquires children's clothing brand in USA Today.

2. Gap, Inc. March 2019 Gap Inc. Acquires Janie and Jack, Expanding Brand Portfolio Into Premium Kids And Baby Apparel in Gap Inc. Corporate.

You heard it first at - where children's clothes shouldn't cost the earth!

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