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Janie and Jack releases fall collection for 2019

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Janie and Jack is well-known for its gorgeous children's clothing. It has a modern take on a preppy look, ensuring your child will be perfectly poised for any occasion. Here we'll take a look at the newly released fall 2019 line from Janie and Jack. They're a little pricier than most of the children's clothing stores I mention on my site, but they're well worth taking a look at because of their quality and their ability to set trends.

Boys fall 2019 style

What I love about this season's line is the ability to create different looks via their pre-made collections. Let's take an example. Suppose your boy prefers a relaxed look, then he'll love the Evergreen Legend collection. Here are a couple of items; click or tap for sizing and pricing:

The vest above is a great way to add layering for that in-between weather; it works well for cool mornings while being removable for later in the day when it warms up.

Above: Charcoal is a wonderfully versatile color for boy's pants because they go with almost any color top.

If your boy is more suited to preppy styles, then the Varsity Prep or True Blue Story collection will appeal; items are shown below.

A rugby shirt is perfect: not too casual, not too formal. Just right. Janie and Jack have several other designs this season besides the one shown above.

Above: I just love the look of these suede sneakers!

For a sporty look, take a look at Jack's Team; you'll find bold stripes and plaids in a varsity sport style. This is the perfect way to let him express his love of athletics while looking stylish; this collection sees him go from from schoolyard to playdate to dinner out.

Accessories are designed to match these collections, from shoes and socks to belts and hats. This is something we all too rarely see in boys wear.

Girls fall 2019 style

Girls have a wonderful range of styles available to them this season. A hallmark of Janie and Jack's girl fall line is the use of exciting fabrics and textures, and eye-catching detailing such as ruffles, buttons, and trim.

The girls collections from Janie and Jack this fall range from the traditionally styled Garden House to the retro-look Poppy Red Prep, with plenty of other collections to fit every mood. My personal favorite is Cranberry Chronicles for its sophistication and ability to let your girl stand out from the crowd while staying with the preppy look for which Janie and Jack is so famous.

Below are my top favorites from among all of the girls wear from Janie and Jack this season:

The ruffle sweater above is warm and practical while still being girly.

I love the confidence and enthusiasm that this skirt gives.

This trench coat is the perfect go-anywhere outerwear.

Above: make the most of the last few warm days with this ruffle top.

Above: I fell in love with the detailing at the ankles of these ponte pants.


What sets Janie and Jack apart from many other brands of children's wear is the use of various fabrics, textures and detailing in the boys and girls lines. This gives a very upscale look compared with many other children's clothing brands. If you love the Janie and Jack styles but are on a tight budget, you might like to take a look at their sale section; you can find some surprisingly great deals there.

This fall we're seeing a variety of different styles centered around Janie and Jack's preppy look to ensure that your child's unique personality can shine. Covering everything from pants and shirts to jackets and shoes, they've ensured that every piece needed for fall and winter is beautifully created.

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