How to find good kids clothes
Parent-approved tips for finding affordable children's clothing

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Here are the places I recommend for baby clothes. A lot will depend on whether you're looking just for everyday pieces at an affordable price point, or an extra-special outfit for a photo or event. I'll let you know a little bit about each place and what it's best for. If you're looking for a beautiful item to give at a baby shower, I've got that covered as well.

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We're coming up to spring, and many of you might be looking for some great quality trendy kids clothes. I think we'll also see a lot more opportunities for parents to take photos in spring, so if you're looking for a great outfit or item for that purpose, it's well worth taking a look at the spring collection from Janie and Jack. Its price point is a bit higher than most children's clothing stores I normally cover here on my blog, but if you're looking to splurge on a special item then you'll love this brand.

You've probably seen Janie and Jack in the mall shops before with cute little outfits in the windows, but please note the brand is for older kids too - sizing goes from 3 months all the way to a size 12, and their styles work beautifully for your tweener. Here I take a look at some pics of their new spring 2021 collection for all ages.

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