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There are several special hypoallergenic baby detergents available, and these are considered safest for baby because of a lack of irritating chemicals and perfumes. But what if you don't have any baby detergent left and you need to do a load of baby laundry? Or what if you're finding Dreft baby detergent too expensive and want to use regular detergent? Let's take a look at whether you can wash baby clothes with regular detergent. The short answer is yes, but with some caveats, which will be explained here.

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Regular adult size clothes hangers won't work for baby, toddler and elementary school age kids clothes. This is because the regular size hangers are far too large - you simply won't be able to fit your young child's clothes on a normal hanger. Even if by some miracle you can get it to fit on, the material is likely to get stretched in awkward places and the outfit ruined. Find out here the best places to buy kids clothes hangers online in all styles from basic to fancy, and at an affordable price point.

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