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Kids clothing subscription boxes - FabKids vs kidpik

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woman opening children's subscription box

Children's clothing subscription boxes sound like they can help save busy parents time when it comes to picking out kids clothing. It's like putting children's clothes on autopilot. However, is it really worth it? Here I take a look at 2 well-known U.S. kids clothing subscription services: kidpik and FabKids. How do they work, and how do they stack up against each other? These questions are answered here.


First we'll look at FabKids.

How it works

It's a monthly subscription box, and in it you get a 3 piece outfit for your child. You or your child takes a style quiz first to make sure the styles are the look your child wants. Sizing at FabKids goes from 2T all the way up to size 18. You don't have the option to change your normal frequency, but you do have the option to skip the month if you don't want to get a new outfit that month.

Can you shop the FabKids store as a non-subscriber?

Yes, you can shop for individual pieces at FabKids even if you're not a subscriber - but you don't get the discounts that members get on the store.

My verdict on FabKids

I'm only so-so on FabKids because the styles are good but not amazing. The value for money is decent, and it's a better look than the big-box discount stores, but there is nothing outstanding about their outfits. If you become a subscriber there, understand that you're paying for the convenience rather than the styles. The styles are at the same level of what you could put together yourself by shopping at The Children's Place - and it would be cheaper at The Children's Place.


Now for kidpik!

How it works

kidpik is a kids clothing subscription service. You can select the frequency to every 4, 6, or 12 weeks. You or your child sets up a style profile. Then you get a pre-styled box that contains trendy coordinating items and you have the option of adding shoes.

There are no shipping fees, and you only pay for what you keep - kind of like trying on clothes in a changing room in the store, but in the comfort of your own home. You have 7 days to return anything you don't want. This means you'll only pay for what you like and what fits. Sizing goes from 2T to 16, so it covers all age ranges from toddlers to high schoolers.

To get an idea of the styles, you can browse the different themed boxes and their contents here for boys and here for girls. The clothes are definitely on-trend. They have an awesome range of different themes to fit your child's tastes, for example in the case of boys: Touchdown, Earth Tones, Chill & Skate, to name just a few out of the many options. Likewise, girls have themes such as Born to Shine (for the fashionista), Star Athlete (for a 100% on trend look for your little athlete), Made of Magic (for your little dreamer), Comfy in Coral for your casual wear kid, and many more options. Box themes change seasonally so you might see different ones depending on what time of the year you browse.

In particular kidpik does an excellent job for tweens and teens - your kids won't look babyish with little dinos all over their clothes. That said, if you WANT your toddlers to have cute little dinos everywhere this isn't the place to shop! (Carter's would be a better choice for that.)

Can you shop the kidpik store as a non-subscriber?

Yes, you can shop the kidpik store as a non-subscriber. You don't get the discounts that subscribers do, though. Good news: besides shopping for individual pieces, you can also shop the pre-styled boxes there as a one-off without requiring a subscription.

However, the return policy as a non-subscriber is restrictive compared to what subscribers get, so make sure you understand the return policy if you plan to shop as a non-subscriber.

My verdict on kidpik

kidpik is absolutely on-trend and represents great value for money for how much you wind up paying for a piece of clothing. If you want a fashionable look with some great attitude, I recommend kidpik.

FabKids vs kidpik - the final verdict

Both FabKids and kidpik are children's clothing subscription boxes. They are both good options, but of the two, I recommend kidpik more highly because:

  1. kidpik styles are more trendy
  2. you have more flexibility in setting up the frequency of delivery at kidpik
  3. you get slightly better value for money at kidpik

In common with each other, both offer you convenience and time savings. Both have a style quiz, ensuring your child gets the look they want. Both allow you to build child's wardrobe on autopilot without you having to spend time yourself online or in-store picking out individual items.

If you don't like the idea of subscriptions

It's true that subscriptions can make it harder to keep on top of finances. If you don't like the ongoing cost of a subscription, you might like to check out these 6 trendy yet affordable children's clothing stores.

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