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A look at Little & Lively - ethically made children's fashion

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If you're seeking children's fashion that is both stylish and ethically made, then Little & Lively is for you. It's a brand from The Kindred Studio, an ethically-focused Canadian company. Here we'll take a look at the Little & Lively styles and their socially responsible mission. They ship worldwide, so regardless of whether you're in Canada, the U.S., or elsewhere, you can enjoy their wonderful clothing.

Little & Lively styles

Little & Lively focuses on soft, comfortable fabrics in a range of quiet solids and vibrant patterns, depending on what your child prefers.

Sizing goes from baby to 13-14 years, and and interesting about this brand is that they have made every effort to provide each item in literally all sizes from 0-3 months all the way up to 13-14 years. Clearly there are a few exceptions, for example the fleece-lined jumpsuit (a footed sleeper with a hood on it - very cute!) is available only up to size 5-6T, which makes sense because clearly no older child is going to want to wear a little kid type of item.

The vast majority of the Little & Lively styles are items such as pullovers, joggers, dresses, and so on - items which kids of all ages will wear. The variety of solid colors and patterns are designed to work for most ages and genders.

And on a related note, unlike most other children's clothing stores, you won't be immediately separating your search into boys styles or girls styles. Instead, Little & Lively has gender-neutral items so you would simply buy a child's pullover, for example, not a girl's or a boy's one. This also allows you to pass items along in a socially responsible manner more easily after your kids have outgrown them, since there are no gender distinctions.

Little and Lively

Most items are made from a specialty medium-weight bamboo/cotton jersey fabric which Little & Lively developed with their suppliers. This fabric was designed for breathability and durability, in particular the ability to retain its shape after many washes. This allows you to get your money's worth from your purchase and also to pass it along in an environmentally responsible manner after your children have outgrown it.

Little & Lively's ethical mission

Little & Lively clothes are made locally in Canada - Abbotsford, BC and Vancouver, BC. You have the peace of mind knowing that your purchase is made by expert local seamstresses there who are paid a socially responsible wage. Items are shipped from Abbotsford, BC to almost anywhere internationally.

In addition to ensuring all items of clothing are crafted locally, there are other things which Little & Lively is doing to ensure their business is ethically centered. They conduct globally recognized audits of their suppliers for ethical working conditions. In these audits, they (through a third-party auditor) check for fair wages, appropriate hours, no child labor, excellent health and safety culture, and maintaining good labor practices.

Little & Lively also supports a variety of charitable organizations whose values align with their ethical mission, so you have the comfort of knowing that your purchase is helping the community.

The Kindred Studio (the company behind Little & Lively) designs in a collaborative manner, where their studio designs are integrated with ongoing visits to the seamstresses to ensure each design is constructed in the best possible way it can be.


Little & Lively creates beautiful, child-centered designs in an ethical manner. Everything is made in Canada and ships worldwide. Their prices are a little higher than brands who are not centered around ethical production, but for that little extra money you get a lot more. What you get is:

  • A specialty fabric which is both comfortable and durable, keeping its shape after many washings
  • Unique styles and designs your child will love - the versatile pieces pair well together
  • A range of patterns and colors to suit different personalities and genders
  • The joy of knowing that part of your purchase supports some charitable organizations
  • The peace of mind of knowing that the hands which made your child's clothes are being paid a living wage
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