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Fashion news: Mandy Moore partners with Gymboree for Easter 2023 family matching clothing

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Actress and singer Mandy Moore has been working with popular children's clothing brand Gymboree to create a line of Easter clothing for the whole family. This Easter 2023 we're seeing the collection feature crisp exciting spring colors. It's fresh, fun and is traditional with an up-to-date twist thrown in. It says "spring".

First we'll take a look at the colors and styles, and then we'll look at sizing and genders.

The look - photo-worthy and refreshing

Gymboree provided this image to show you how these family matching outfits look:

As you can see, it's pastels, but in strong refreshing hues. You won't find super-pale colors here. In particular I think that's wonderful for the males in the family who might want something bolder than the soft pastels that trended in recent years past. And it's also an advantage for females if you're looking to do family matching outfits for photos - everyone gets to match, yet still stand out as an individual.

There are more styles available besides what's shown in the image above, but it gives you a feel for the look.

I also love that there are neat accessories too, for example the girls cardigans and the boys sweater vest and newsboy hat.

Sizing and genders

There are matching mother and daughter designs, and father and son designs, making it perfect if you want to do family matching photos for spring. But you can still mix and match independently! Every item can be purchased separately, whether it's for boys, girls, men or women. For example, if mother and daughter gravitate towards different outfits, that is fine. You can each get a different style and color dress. Same for father and son outfits. If everyone in the family wants a different style, that is OK.

Children's sizing for the Mandy Moore collection goes from newborn to 12 years. Please note that the baby styles (up to 12 months) are different from the kid styles (12 months to 12 years). For example, baby girl dresses come with a diaper cover. The baby boy shirts will be in bodysuit style so they don't become untucked. That said, rest assured you can still get the same item in all sizes. It'll just come in a slightly different style for babies than for kids - all of that is clearly illustrated in the product information on their site.

The women's sizing goes from XS all the way through XXL, while men's sizing goes from S to XXXL.

Casual looks available too

In addition to the Easter styles in the image above that are suitable for photos, the Mandy Moore collection also offers several more casual designs. These work beautifully for less formal occasions or just for everyday play and are available in similar tones of bold pastel colors.

The bottom line

If you're looking for children's Easter clothes suitable for spring family photos, then it's well worth taking a look at the Mandy Moore Collection at Gymboree. It's a crisp exciting look that lets everyone throw off the winter blues.

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