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Awesome gift ideas for babies 0-3 months old

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Written by Vera C. Last updated on .

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3 month old baby playing with activity gym

There are plenty of cool options when it comes to gifts for newborn to 3 months old. Whether you're a friend or relative of the family with the new baby, any of these presents are certain to be treasured.

These gift ideas have been selected to work for any occasion: baby shower, newborn gift, late newborn gift, or Christmas. These will all work beautifully.

First though, when it comes to baby toys, I recommend buying from one of the safe and reputable companies I mention here because they're careful to ensure items are baby-safe before selling them. I do not recommend buying baby toys from Amazon - you could wind up with unsafe items made in countries where regulations don't apply. Baby blankets or baby towels from Amazon would be fine; there's not really any risk of parts falling off there. But avoid Amazon when it comes to baby toys.

1. Take along toy that you can clip to baby's car seat carry handle

A take along toy that can be clipped to baby's car seat handle or other nearby objects is ideal. These toys can be clipped and unclipped as needed, making it extremely helpful from the parent's point of view. Having something portable on hand to entertain baby is of priceless value to the parent, even if though it costs very little to you.

I recommend the Peek-a-Boo Berry Take-Along Toy from Melissa & Doug. Although you can't see the attachment point in this photo, there is a built-in baby safe way to attach it to a car seat carry handle, diaper bag, high chair or anywhere else.


You can never have too many of these types of newborn toys, so it doesn't matter if baby already has one. It's ideal if the parent has 2 or 3 different styles of these they can switch in and out on a weekly basis.

2. Activity gym or activity mat with overhead play

An activity gym or a mat with overhead play (as shown in pic at the top of this article) is the perfect gift to develop baby's brain and body. This type of activity gym was my oldest child's favorite toy as a baby.

I like the selection of activity gyms at SkipHop which is the baby toy brand owned by the OshKosh B'gosh and Carter's brands. So you know that at SkipHop you're shopping with a company with a strong track record of safety and quality. This Garden Oasis activity gym is my personal favorite, but you have plenty of other designs available at SkipHop.

3. A hooded bath towel

Hooded bath towels are so adorable! The hood helps keep baby snug and warm while drying him or her after a bath. Best of all, the designs are so cute that they're irresistible.

KeaBabies has a fantastic selection of animal themed hooded baby towels. I love this bear themed towel and this cat themed one.

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4. Teething toy

Teething toys are typically constructed of a ring with items on it. Baby can chew on any of these to relieve gum pressure. Best of all, a teething toy can do double duty as a general toy that is perfect for baby's little hands. When it comes to toys for newborns, you can't go wrong with a teething item.

It's very important to buy this from a reputable reliable company since this is going in baby's mouth. I recommend the Dimpl Clutch teething toy from Fat Brain Toys.


You can also find lots of other great toys there for later stages of baby's development and onwards into childhood, so it's definitely worth taking a look at this company for ideas for the future. Many of my children's favorite toys come from Fat Brain Toys.

5. Receiving blankets

A receiving blanket is simply a small thin portable blanket, similar to the hospital baby blankets in size. It's a lot more helpful for parents than you would first think. These are so great that we always took one with us wherever we went, they're so useful to wipe up spit-up or other spills either at home or out and about. It then becomes baby's first comfort item (blankie) as they get older.

This is one of the instances where it wouldn't matter where you got it from, since a blankie has no parts that could fall off or be unsafely made. You can find plenty of cute designs of receiving blankets at Amazon.com.

6. Rattle

Baby's preferred first toy is a rattle, making it one of the best baby toys for newborns. Not only is it fun, but it also helps baby's brain - wave the rattle and it makes sound. It helps teach cause and effect. There are many different types of rattles you can get, and you can't go wrong so long as you buy from a reputable company which stocks safe toys. My favorite is this Smart Noggin Rattle from Fat Brain Toys.


7. A sleep sack

The safest way for baby to sleep yet keep warm is in a sleep sack. It zips up like a footed sleeper except the bottom part is all one piece, like a pillowcase. The sleep sack is an essential gift for a newborn, and you can never have too many (sleep sacks, that is).

The small size is what you'd want for a newborn to 3 month old baby. You should consider what fabric you want. If it's summer, then a cotton one is best, such as these cotton sleep sacks from KeaBabies.


If it's winter, then go for a polar fleece one - it's warmer and it's moisture-wicking so it won't soak up pee as much if some escapes baby's diaper. It can be hard to find fleece ones outside of winter, but during winter you can get them at Carter's.

8. Cloth book

Cloth books are great. At first baby will think of it as a toy and try to put it in his or her mouth, so an 0-3 month old won't be actually reading it. Since it's made of cloth the book will hold up to biting, drooling and rough handling. Later on you or the parents will be able to read it to baby. For baby's first cloth book, you want something with simple pictures on a page, not anything as advanced as a story or anything that resembles a plot.

The best candidate for a first cloth book is The Wonderful World of Peekaboo which you can buy at Melissa & Doug. It's an activity book which has flaps that can uncover and hide things, so it does double duty as a take-along toy.


9. Play mat

A nice soft play mat that goes on the floor lets baby watch the world from a whole new angle! Many play mats are designed to continue to work beyond the 0 - 3 month age by doubling as an activity mat with pictures designed to stimulate learning. This Take-Along Town Play Mat from Melissa & Doug is a perfect example of this gift idea.


10. Clothes

No list of baby gifts would be complete without clothes! If you're looking for an excuse to splurge on the most gorgeous baby outfit then you'll want to shop at Janie and Jack. If you're more about multi-packs of baby clothes to get the parents the most value for money, then you'll want Carter's or Old Navy (yes they have a lot of awesome newborn clothes at Old Navy!)

If you'd like something in between - a fancy-sounding brand but still very affordable - then go for baby clothes at The Children's Place.

In you're instead looking for classic traditionally styled embroidered and smocked baby clothing for formal baby photos, Little English is the place to shop. It's more expensive than the other clothing stores I just mentioned, but it has the types of clothes you can't buy anywhere else.

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