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News - art & eden organic kids clothing - sets of 3 pieces for $30 + better

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Today I'm talking about organic and eco-friendly US brand art & eden. They have awesome and unique clothing for kids, and have done an amazing job at keeping their prices as low as possible. Remember that any organic, environmentally friendly and socially conscious fabric (which is what art & eden uses) is always going to cost more than standard fabric that doesn't involve any of those extra costs.

Now they've created an even more affordable way to shop their items with their Heartboxes. A Heartbox is NOT a subscription service, to be clear - I know we've gotten used to the idea that if something ends with the word "box" it's a subscription, but rest assured this isn't. A Heartbox is simply a curated collection of pieces from art & eden. They come in boy's and girl's options of 3 piece for $30, 5 piece for $45, and 8 piece for $70; for any of these you simply pick the size you want. You don't have control over which exact pieces are in the box, but if you're looking to get a start on your child's spring clothing and you want the benefits of organic clothes at a lower price point, then this is the way to go.

If you're interested in taking a look at the typical clothing items that make up a Heartbox, here is the link to the boy's 3-piece Heartbox where you'll see images of the types of clothes you'll get (exact items will vary though). Here is the girl's 5 piece version.

The best value of all is the 8 piece Heartbox, which right now costs $70, which works out to each piece only $8.75. You can find the boy's 8 piece and girl's 8 piece here.

Besides making a difference to your child with the advantages of organic material, you also get to help the less fortunate in the world at no cost to you: art & eden gives back 5% of each Heartbox to kids in need worldwide. So there's plenty to feel good about!

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