News: Gymboree re-invents their line in Made You Smile campaign

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Gymboree has re-invented their look for a new take on life. It’s still exciting and kid-oriented, but with a little more pizzazz that will work well for the older children too.

Looking at the new styles in their Made You Smile campaign, we’re seeing a lot of good mix-and-match options, and in colors and styles kids will enjoy. For boys, we’re seeing less of the dinosaurs, airplanes, and trucks and more of a sporty look with attitude. For girls, we’re seeing a little more flow-y styles with detailing, and less of the highly structured ones.

Here are some examples of the new styles – these are clickable back to Gymboree for pricing and sizing info.

Boy’s style from Gymboree:

Boy's Reality 2.0 Ride Tee by Gymboree - Size XXS - Sky Blue - Sky Blue

Boy's Straight Jeans by Gymboree - Size 4 - Light Grey - Light Grey

Girl’s style from Gymboree:

Girl's Flutter Top by Gymboree - Size XS - White - White

Girl's Denim Culottes by Gymboree - Size 3 - Dark Indigo - Dark Indigo

For those who like the preppy styles we’ve seen in the past from Gymboree, don’t worry: they also have some pieces that you can put together for a preppy look – that’s just a little less of a focus from them than what we’ve seen in the past. For example, take a look at these if you like a more traditional style:

Boy’s striped shirt:
Boy's Rad Striped Shirt by Gymboree - Size XXS - Bright Lime Stripe - Bright Lime Stripe

Girl’s floral cardigan:

Girl's Floral Cardigan by Gymboree - Size XXS - Ivory - Ivory


Besides kid-friendly colors, we’re seeing a few more neutrals in the new line, which both parents and kids will find helpful when putting together an outfit. Having at least one quiet color helps bring together a cohesive look.

In the newborn section, they’ve put a lot of neutrals into the unisex collection instead of the traditional green or yellow you might see elsewhere. Not only does this make for a unique and sophisticated look, but also, those shopping for a newborn boy or girl might like to use a neutral color piece to complement a pink or blue outfit.


Comfort was a strong design consideration in the new line. You can expect increased comfort, particularly in the jeans for all ages, and in clothes for baby. Interestingly, this was in response to asking parents and families what they wanted from their children’s clothes.


Gymboree accessories like shoes, socks, hair scrunchies, backpacks, and more have also been re-imagined. They’re of a cohesive design, in colors and patterns which allow mix-and-matching with the new clothing line for a beautifully co-ordinated look.


Whether or not this clothing line made you smile (at least I found it pretty upbeat!) – this is certainly a good time for Gymboree to want to make people smile. With back-to-school looming, it can be a little too easy to get caught up in the stress of preparing for that: school supplies, paperwork, and more. We recently went on a day trip with family friends to a nearby lake and watched our kids swim there. That definitely put a smile on everyone’s faces! I think it was mostly the adventure of it – none of us had been there before, we didn’t know what to expect, but we discovered it together that day and it was fun.

Getting one last fun time in before school, one last smile time, doesn’t have to be stressful or take up lots of time or money. The days are long enough in summer that even something as easy as going out to a playground after dinner (maybe one they haven’t been to before to give them a sense of discovery) and following up with ice cream for dessert is something that’ll get smiles and happy memories – without costing you lots of effort.


The Made You Smile campaign is an interesting and bold move from Gymboree.

On the one hand, I can definitely see Gymboree now having more appeal to older kids now, due to the slightly more grown-up look. For example, very few high school boys would have been into the dinosaurs, trucks, and so on of past designs.

On the other hand, I know that Gymboree is all about celebrating childhood, so this will be quite the balancing act for them: how to create kid-friendly designs that work well for a variety of age ranges. Overall, I feel they’ve accomplished this very well with the designs we saw above.