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Gymboree brand to return in 2020, becoming part of The Children's Place

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Breaking news: Gymboree brand to return in 2020

For those of you who loved Gymboree, there's finally some good news. It's going to come back again as a distinct brand in spring of 2020, but this time it'll managed by The Children's Place. Here are the details.

Brief summary of the situation to date

OK, so to recap very briefly the events since the start of 2019, you probably know from news we covered earlier that Gymboree filed for bankruptcy in early 2019.

Remember that Gymboree actually consists of 3 brands: Crazy 8; Gymboree; and Janie and Jack. We already covered the subsequent news of Janie and Jack being bought by the Gap brand.

This leaves Gymboree and its cheaper sibling brand Crazy 8. In this article I'm mainly going to focus on what's happening with Gymboree, since I know that's what most of you are interested in. Gymboree was bought by The Children's Place back in March (see reference 1), but at that time very little was disclosed about their plans for it. Now we know that Gymboree is going to come back in spring of 2020, but it'll be a brand under The Children's Place (reference 2).

Similarly, Crazy 8 has also been purchased by The Children's Place (reference 1) but plans for Crazy 8 have not been announced at the time of writing.

The news: What's going to happen

Here we have a few short and sweet pointers about what you can expect to happen for Gymboree (this information was obtained from reference 2).

  • Gymboree clothing will exist. It'll be managed by The Children's Place, but it'll have its own Gymboree brand label.
  • You'll be able to purchase Gymboree either online or at certain Children's Place storefronts.
  • You probably won't be able to purchase it at the old Gymboree store locations (i.e. where you would have bought Gymboree a few years ago). This is because those storefronts were not included in the sale of Gymboree to The Children's Place.
  • This re-launch of the Gymboree brand is expected to happen sometime in spring 2020.
  • The styles are expected to remain in line with the playful yet preppy look that Gymboree has been known for.


If you enjoy Gymboree, don't worry the brand will be back! Right now it's a matter of waiting. If you want to do something while you wait, Gymboree's social media channels are active and if you have feedback for them about what you want, they're happy to hear it (reference 2).

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1. March 2019 press release by The Childrens's Place The Children's Place named winning bidder in bankruptcy auction to acquire IP assets of Gymboree and Crazy 8.

2. Gymboree Frequently Asked Questions from the Gymboree website.

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