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News: Naartjie clothing not reopening in USA – the details in brief

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Earlier here at we covered the closing of Naartjie USA brick-and-mortar and online stores (reference 1). Many of you have been waiting for a possible reopening to happen. I know I have. Sadly, in 2016, it was announced that Naartjie would not be re-opening their US stores (reference 2).

Best Naartjie alternative for 2019 and onward

Of US kids clothing brands, I feel that the closest alternative to Naartjie is art & eden. art & eden is US brand featuring unique upbeat designs that are reminiscent of Naartjie’s soft yet playful style. Featuring organic cotton and an environmentally and socially conscious mission, art & eden is a great choice for your child.


I know how you feel. I miss Naartjie too, and there’s nothing exactly quite like their natural-looking fun styles. But you may be pleasantly surprised with the US alternative above.

Naartjie news March 2016

Sadly, in March 2016, Naartjie’s new owner Truworth’s has made a new announcement: that the Naartjie US online store will remain permanently closed, with no prospect of reopening. On the Naartjie US website, a recent announcement now reads “Regrettably, the Naartjie U.S. online store will not be reopening. Our South African online store at is available for local delivery only. We would like to thank our customers for their love and unwavering support of the naartjie kids brand over the years.” (see reference 2).

This was not at all the news I was hoping to hear, and I know that many of you will feel similarly disappointed. Remember though that Naartjie is originally a South African company, and that Truworths – their new owner – is a major department store brand in South Africa. Because of the distance of where Truworths is based, I can see it would be a costly proposition to ship items from South Africa to the US here, which is why they’re not offering it as an option. And even if they did, then we as customers would wind up bearing the cost of that extra shipping. As stylish and original as Naartjie kids clothing is, I’m sure none of us want to pay almost double the price of what we were paying before.

What to do now?

I’ve checked out the South African online Naartjie store for you, and can confirm that it does not ship to the US. There is a social media presence for Naartjie, but likewise that’s for its South African customers.

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