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Breaking news: Gymboree is back, owned by Children's Place

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Written by Vera C. Last updated on .

Disclosure: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, therefore I may be compensated if you purchase when clicking through my links. This helps keep the website running.

Breaking news - Gymboree available again

Gymboree fans will be interested to hear that it's available again. After its store locations closed and Gymboree was bought by The Children's Place (we covered that earlier for you), you can now purchase clothing from the Gymboree brand online once more.

Let's take a look at how this works

You now have two ways to get to Gymboree.


  • You can go to The Children's Place, and click on the Gymboree tab near the top left. From each brand, you can navigate to the other with these tabs, making it easy to switch between them.

The Children's Place brand and the Gymboree brand are being treated as separate sibling brands, but you can switch easily between each store.

What are the Gymboree styles like? What about pricing and sizing?

OK, the Gymboree styles are in line with its previous look: high-end yet playful. Their Easter dress-up clothing resembles the very traditional look of Janie and Jack but with a much lower price tag. In fact, the price point of the new Gymboree is much closer to the low pricing of The Children's Place than to the old Gymboree pricing. So that's some good news on styles and pricing.

Here is one of Gymboree's many styles of dresses for this 2020 spring. This dress is a perfect example of their attention to detailing:

Spring 2020 dress from Gymboree

Sizing for all Gymboree clothing currently goes from 12 months to size 8, which at first glance seemed a little limited to me. It's a fairly narrow range compared with most kids clothing stores - most brands stock 3 months to age 14 (or older). On the other hand, Gymboree's more limited 12 months to size 8 range covers the ages of kids that their styles tend to be designed for.

The other sizing issue that some parents might find somewhat limiting is that the new Gymboree does not stock extended sizes; therefore no slender/plus or slim/husky sizing is available there, just standard sizes. This won't be an issue if you have a child with an average build, but if you need extended sizing then you'll need to shop elsewhere. The Children's Place does an excellent job with that - my boys need slim sizing for pants and I've always had a good experience with the extended sizing at The Children's Place.

I'd like to see Gymboree offer extended sizing one day, and maybe this is something they might consider in the future, but for now it's standard sizes only.

Some things to know

Shopping carts separate, but no shipping charges

Experimenting with the sites today, I found that the tabbed sites do not share a combined cart. Therefore if you buy one item from The Children's Place and another from Gymboree, you will have to go through each checkout process separately. At first I was disappointed, since I love the joint shopping carts of OshKosh B'gosh and Carter's, where I can shop both at the same time in one transaction. But taking a closer look at The Children's Place and Gymboree today, I saw they had free shipping and no minimum order required (at least within the US). Therefore I'm not out of pocket due to shipping costs if I shop from both. Shopping from both still requires two separate transactions at the moment, but at least you don't have to contend with any shipping fees.

I'm hoping that later down the track they'll bring The Children's Place and Gymboree carts together into a combined system, but I'm happy with the everyday free shipping from both.

Place rewards

From trying out the sites, it seems that Gymboree purchases qualify for earning Place Bucks rewards that you can redeem at The Children's Place. I'm very happy with that as it increases your chance to earn rewards. The rate of earning Place rewards is quite decent; I regularly wind up with rewards to cash in.

The bottom line

Gymboree clothing is available again! It's owned by The Children's Place now, and they are available as sibling brands; each brand has its own identity yet you can navigate smoothly from one to the other. The Gymboree styles are very much in line with their previous high-end look, but at a lower price point than previously. This is a win-win situation for parents. Sizing is a little limited at the moment, but I'm hoping that might change in the future. As an added bonus there is everyday free shipping on both brands (I love free shipping!), so it's well worth taking a look.

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