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Review of organic toddler clothes from tentree

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Written by Vera C. Last updated on .

Disclosure: tentree gave me one of their organic cotton sweatshirts to review

Flatlay of tentree crew neck sweatshirt

Let's talk about clothing that in addition to looking good, is also good for the environment. Here I'm reviewing the kids organic cotton Treefleece Crew sweatshirt from tentree.

First a little about tentree, and then we'll take some close-up looks at the clothing!

About tentree - a sustainable clothing company

Tentree is a certified B corp - an environmentally friendly and sustainable brand. As its name suggests, tentree plants ten trees for every purchase you make. That's impressive. So far, they've planted 81 million trees and counting! The tree planting project provides lots of hours of work for people doing the planting and it creates reforested areas for the planet. So shopping at tentree is a positive impact that goes far beyond you and your child - it also helps the planet and creates jobs.

Tentree is a Canadian company and has a strong U.S. and U.K. presence as well. They also ship internationally to some additional countries outside of those main 3 (more on that further along). In addition to toddler clothing, they also have men's and women's clothing.

The right tree in the right place

The trees are planted responsibly with best practices. We know it's harmful to destroy existing habitats to plant trees, so tentree plants on sites such as those deforested by wildfire or by logging. In Senegal, one of their planting sites, tentree is planting forest gardens which are made up of more than 50 different tree species to ensure biodiversity. Planting is done through working with local planting partners to ensure that locals will have jobs, and the land and communities are restored to self-sufficiency.

Tentree has been carbon neutral since 2020. You can find out more about their tree planting here, but for now let's take a look at the textiles in tentree's clothes and then move on to their actual clothing with some pics.

Organic cotton, recycled polyester, and more

Tentree's clothing is made of sustainable textiles. The kids sweatshirt I'm reviewing here is made of organic cotton, like most tentree products. Some other items of their clothing are made of recycled polyester or Lyocell. The material is clearly specified on each item's product page.

Review of the Kids Treefleece Crew sweatshirt from tentree

Tentree sent me a kids size 5T Treefleece Crew organic cotton sweatshirt in their mushroom color. At the time of this review, all of their kids clothes go from size 1T to 5T, fitting the toddler range of ages nicely.

The sweatshirt was beautiful quality, and so nice and soft!

Flatlay of tentree toddler crew neck sweatshirt

Environmentally friendly packaging

Before we look at close-ups of the product detail, let's talk a bit about the packaging. When the sweatshirt arrived I was thrilled to see how environmentally friendly the packaging was. The mailer was made of 100% recycled content, meaning no new materials were created in the making of the mailer. Inside, there was literally no plastic. Zero. None. No plastic sleeve. Not even one of those tiny annoying little plastic threads with a T at each end to attach the label. Instead the cardboard info label is attached to the neck tag of the clothing with twine and a safety pin, making it both sustainable and easy for you to remove.

High quality

I've taken a close-up pic of the bottom of the sweatshirt showing the attention to detail of the stitching, and the cute logo. You can see that they've created a really high quality product here.

Close-up of logo and of stitching at the bottom of the tentree kids organic cotton sweatshirt

Comfortable and soft

Tentree's toddler sweatshirt is wonderfully soft - any toddler will feel cozy and happy in it! Here is a photo where I've turned part of the inside outwards so you can see it.

Detail showing part of the soft interior of the tentree organic cotton toddler sweatshirt

You can see from the photo how gentle and snuggly it feels.

You get to track your trees!

What makes tentree really stand out is that you have the ability to track the trees they plant when you buy one of their items. On the product information tag, there is a QR code that you can scan that lets you track where your 10 trees were planted.

close-up of tentree toddler sweatshirt with product information tag showing tree planting tracking

What other types of sustainable kids clothes does tentree have?

In addition to their kids sweatshirts, which come in several different styles and a bunch of color options, tentree also has other items available for your toddler. There are short sleeve and long sleeve T shirts, hooded sweatshirts, and sweatpants. Again, most of these come in different styles and colors.

You can also find the equivalents in men's and women's sizes as well, so you can shop for yourself and/or your significant other there.

Gender-neutral kids clothes

Another thing that sets tentree apart is the fact that their toddler clothes are gender-neutral. You don't buy a boys t shirt or a girls t shirt there, instead you buy a kids t shirt. At those toddler sizes (1T to 5T) boys and girls are the same size anyway so they fit the clothes equally well.

On a related note, the tentree children's colors tend to be "easygoing" and work well for all kids - soft muted greens, blues, grays, and so on. It's very refreshing to see this - the colors look fun and natural.

Where does tentree ship?

At the time of writing this review, tentree ships to its 3 main locations: the US, UK, and Canada - simply use the location selector at the bottom of their site to select your preferred option. They also ship internationally to Australia, Hong Kong SAR, Israel, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, US Outlying Islands, and United Arab Emirates - these require an additional flat rate shipping fee. For delivery to these additional locations, you would need to shop from the US site.

I liked that in addition to credit card, Google Pay and Apple Pay, tentree also accepts PayPal and Venmo, which makes shopping a lot more convenient.


Tentree.com is a reliable and legitimate brand of stylish and comfortable eco-friendly clothing for toddlers, men and women. Tentree is a certified B Corp which plants 10 trees for each item you purchase. The vast majority of their clothing items are made from organic cotton, with the few remaining product items made sustainably from recycled polyester or Lyocell. The materials are clearly specified on each item's product page.

Based on my experience with tentree's kids sweatshirt, I highly recommend this brand. The clothing is high quality and is so wonderfully soft and comfortable for your child's skin.

The price point at tentree is very affordable considering that with your purchase you're getting style, quality, comfort, sustainability in garment materials, and eco-friendliness by tree planting.

The 81 million trees planted so far by tentree show that a massive impact can be generated by small steps. You and your child can be a part of that.

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