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Kids fashion trends & parenting hacks - page 9

It can be hard to know which are the best baby products and which you can happily give a miss. Here are the best baby products on Amazon. Whether you're looking for day to day baby necessities or some baby gift ideas, this list has you covered.

All of the items here are surprisingly affordable, especially considering what a difference they make in mom and baby's day to day life. I love that you don't have to shop at several different places for these - they're all conveniently available on Amazon.

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It's hard for all of us to have the time to read - whether you're a mom yourself or looking for good book ideas for a friend or for your ladies book club. For anyone juggling the demands of young children or a career, or both, it can feel like you never have time to read. And when you finally do have time to read, it's difficult to find a book that you can pick up and put down frequently when you get interrupted. Don't worry, your problems are solved!

Here as a busy mom myself, I'm recommending these books which I have read that do not have too many complicated things to keep track of. These books can all be put down in the middle of a sentence and picked back up minutes, hours, or days later without getting lost.

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Easter can be a very unpredictable time of year weather-wise - it could turn out to be very warm or quite cold, and you won't know until the date arrives. Yet that's exactly when you want to take cute outdoor photos of your kids in their spring clothes! Speaking from experience here in Kentucky, I've bought Easter clothes for my kids that wound up being either far too warm or too cold when Easter actually rolled around.

Read on for how to solve this problem while still having a color theme for your children's spring photos.

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If you want your gift to stand out, then read on! Here I've compiled a list of unique and unusual gift ideas for kids. These presents are off the beaten path and are things you may not have heard of before. This list covers a range of budgets from cheap to pricey, and also a range of children's ages. So you're certain to find something that is the right fit for your situation. These are all perfect for a child's birthday gift or at Christmas.

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