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Review of Raw Beauty Minerals - affordable all-natural safe makeup for busy moms

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Disclosure: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, therefore I may be compensated, at no cost to you, if you purchase when clicking through my links. This helps keep the website running. I was NOT given product for this review; I purchased it myself.

Raw Beauty Minerals makeup products

After seeing how many mainstream US beauty brands have been found to have unsafe chemicals in them which are banned in Europe (see reference 1), I looked for natural eco-friendly makeup as a healthier alternative. When you think about how much of your lipstick is probably getting somehow ingested as you eat or drink, you definitely want to make sure it's safe.

But finding an affordable brand of natural makeup was hard! If you're on a budget like me, you want a brand that gives you more for your money. I wound up deciding to try Raw Beauty Minerals since it had the types of high quality makeup products I wanted (including liquid foundation which is often hard to find in all-natural brands) at an affordable price point. Be aware that there are some brands with similar names, so to clarify, I'm talking about the Raw Beauty Minerals whose main site is here at and whose Etsy shop is at . The seller handles both platforms, and the experience is similar on both so it doesn't really matter which one you try. I shopped initially at the Etsy site because that's where I found the seller first, but on my subsequent order I shopped at the main site.

My experience shopping at RawBeautyMinerals

I purchased foundation, blush and lip tint because those are the things I wear the most. I don't use as much eyeshadow so I left that for a future occasion. Here are the items:

Raw Beauty Minerals products

My items arrived quickly and as described. The items I ordered from the main site were in tamper-evident packaging so they would work really well if you were to order it for a gift.


One of the biggest dilemmas for all of us is how to get the liquid foundation in the perfect color match. Fortunately this was helped by the fact that Raw Beauty Minerals has their liquid foundation available in small sample-sized tubes, you don't have to buy the full sized item. Many other brands didn't have this option and I didn't want to pay for a full size tube that may or may not match. So I was very happy to find this lower-cost lower-risk option available to me. The pic above shows the full-size item though - I bought it after finding my match with the smaller ones, because full size is a better deal once you know your color.

I loved that there were not too many yet not too few colors of foundation available. This means you'll find it easy to narrow down which one is your match. I wound up buying 2 different colors because the first tube was slightly too light and would match me in winter but not the rest of the year. I tan easily and am neither fair nor dark, and I've found it's really hard to get a decent match in that middle ground. But with Raw Beauty Minerals I got a match that was better than any other makeup I've had before. It's literally my skin tone!

Tip: The foundation goes on ever so slightly lighter in color on your face than it is in the container. Therefore, if you are debating between two colors, you may want to try the darker of the two first (but ONLY if you are debating between two colors - ignore this if you already feel you know which is your match). Shipping was free when I ordered, so I recommend ordering just one foundation first, that way you're not buying 2 of them if the first one is a match already.

Coverage is not too heavy and not too light - you can adjust coverage by how much of the liquid foundation you put on, which makes it nice and easy. If I'm having a lot of skin imperfections on a particular day or if I'm attending a more formal event I just use a bit more than I would for everyday.


The Raw Beauty Minerals blush powder is very intense in color, no matter what color you pick. Whatever you do, practice before applying it to go out! Luckily, the 5g jar (which is all you need - it'll last for ages) is packaged in a way where it lets out just a tiny amount of the blush powder into a top compartment where you can dip your blusher brush. This way you can get a smaller amount on your brush. Previously, I was using one of the mainstream brands for blush, where you brush it on in several goes until you build up to the intensity you want. If you use this approach with Raw Beauty Minerals, you will look like a clown, in fact you would look like a clown on the first swipe if you're not careful. Just use your pouffiest brush and get a tiny amount on. You may need to blend it a bit after you apply it to your skin. It looks perfect, you just need to get used to the smaller amounts needed compared to mainstream brands.

Tip: don't over-think the color for the blush - save your thinking for your foundation. I bought different colors of blush but would have been fine with just one. Just go for whatever catches your eye that goes with your complexion or just pick a similar color to what you're already using.

Besides blush powder, you also have the option of using the tinted lip balm as a blush - more on that below. I've tried it out that way and it works beautifully, it's sheer and un-dramatic, actually easier to achieve a discreet look on your cheeks than with the powder.

Tinted lip balm

The lip balm tints all look super-intense in the tube but they go on very sheer. So don't be afraid of going for a strong bold color because it'll look much lighter and softer when you put it on. The minute I put on the lip balm, which I bought in the Merlot color, I loved it! It feels really really moist and nourishing. This is nothing like Burt's Bees lip tints which tends to be more drying on the lips, nor is it like that sticky mainstream lip gloss. Strands of your hair won't get glued to your lips on a windy day with Raw Beauty Minerals! Yet there is still definitely a beautiful sheen. This tinted lip balm is the best I've ever had, bar none. The merlot color gives me a color experience somewhere between a lip balm and lipstick. I use it as a daytime sheer lipstick that definitely looks like I have color on my lips. However it wouldn't be a good substitute for a strong dramatic evening look, for example - it is a lip balm after all not a lipstick.

I also tried out the tinted lip balm as a blush because I noticed that they also have a combined lip and cheek stain - it's possible the combo product color is more intense; I don't know as I didn't get that product. In my case since I only had the lip balm, I just applied the Merlot lip balm to my cheeks. It was super-discreet and easier to build up the color gradually than their strongly colored blush powder. No, it is nothing like trying to swipe Burt's Bee's across your cheeks! I know it sounds odd but I actually liked the Raw Beauty Minerals lip balm as a blush better than the powder blush. I also noticed the nourishing feeling where my skin felt extra-soft on the cheeks where I had used the lip balm as a blush. So if you tend toward dry skin like me especially in winter, you may like to go for the lip balm as a blush.

Things to know before shopping

All of the items at Raw Beauty Minerals are all-natural, made from plant oils and mineral pigments, and have no animal testing, all of which were important to me.

However, you should note that zero waste packaging options are available in some but not all products. This depends in part on which product and also on the size of product you select. For example, their combo lip and cheek stain is available in a smaller size in plastic and a larger size in a zero waste cardboard tube. If zero-waste makeup is important to you, you should contact the store before ordering so that you understand which products and sizes are available in zero waste packaging.


Based on my experience shopping there, I was impressed by Raw Beauty Minerals for their all-natural safe makeup. The quality of the products is top-notch. I definitely won't go back to my old makeup! If you're looking for safe all-natural makeup at an affordable price point, this is the best place to go.

Cited sources:

1. A. Horton, 2022 'People really need to know': can we trust beauty products to be safe? The Guardian

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