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Free embroidery deal in June 2019 from school uniform maker French Toast

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Back to school free embroidery deal June 2019 from French Toast school uniforms

Will your child be attending a U.S. school which has a logo on its uniform? This applies to many private schools and some public schools. If so, now is a great time to take advantage of the free embroidery deal offered by school uniform provider French Toast. First I'll mention a little more about French Toast for anyone who happens to be new to school uniform wear this coming semester; then I'll cover the embroidery deal.

What is French Toast?

Back to school free embroidery deal June 2019 from French Toast school uniforms

French Toast is a school uniform maker. They are very well-known in the U.S. I've shopped there before and can attest to the good quality of their clothing. Even if your child doesn't require a school uniform (mine don't) I like their khaki pants for their looks and durability. If your child frequently wears holes through the knees of their other-brand pants, it may be time to get their pants from French Toast. These are the only pants we've had the kids grow out of before they get holes in them.

Besides all the popular colors of polo shirt like navy, white, blue, and pink, they also stock the harder-to-find colors such as burgundy, gold, teal and many more. So it's a good place to go for a one-stop shop for dress code and unform wear for your kids.

The other speciality item from French Toast that I love is their Pull-On Boys Pant. It looks identical to a button-and-zipper khaki pant with fly, but does not actually use buttons and zippers, so it's ideal for an incoming Kindergartener. It looks exactly like what all the older kids are wearing from the front, but it has an elasticized back. This means your child can simply pull the pants on and off when using the bathroom - important when considering they may be occasionally having to wait to use the bathroom at school.

OK, I'm sure you want me to move on now and cover the embroidery deal!

Free embroidery at French Toast from June 1 to June 23, 2019

The free embroidery deal does not require a coupon, but obviously it only applies to items which have embroidery. Typically, this will be for items such as polo shirts, button down shirts, or blazers.

If you're not sure if this applies to your child's school, simply look up the French Toast school finder icon- it'll show you just the items specific to your school. If one of the items has embroidery, you'll be able to see at on the item page for that piece of clothing.

If embroidery is part of your school's dress code for a particular item, it may be optional or it may be compulsory. Here is an example of what the product page will look like when embroidery is compulsory - in this case the example shown is for embroidery specific to Monarch Christian Montessori school, but if you used the dress code finder then the items and embroidery just for your school will show up.

The embroidery would normally cost extra, but it's free during the time of this promotion (June 1st to June 23rd, 2019):

Example of French Toast embroidery (see area circled in red):

Example of French Toast embroidery


If you value your child's education and are looking to cut the costs associated with their schooling, this deal from French Toast is a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Back-to-school gets busy enough in July and August that it's great to take advantage of any extra discounts that are offered a month early.

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