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Summer fun, family life and getting back into socializing for summer 2021

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It's finally summer, and this year things are getting closer to normal than last year. So here are a set of links for maximum summer fun!

Budget-friendly ways to have tons of fun

Summer fashion and style

Getting back into socializing

Have a great summer! Enjoy it, and try to aim for a good balance between family time and playdates. It's normal to have a bit of initial anxiety when going back into socializing, but start with something and work your way up. Have the playdate with just one friend over first - after that is the time to have several of your child's friends over at once, for example.

Also, embrace spontaneity. It's OK to text a few friends spur-of-the-moment one weekend to see if people want to meet up at the playground. We're so used to having to plan everything out over the past year that it might be hard to embrace spontaneity. But don't be shy. In all likelihood, everyone else will be thrilled to have these normal spontaneous summer moments too.

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