MyPaymentsPlus review

MyPaymentsPlus review – school payments system

Here is a review of MyPaymentsPlus – the school payment system which I as a parent have used to make cafeteria payments for my kids. It’s legit, but has a few drawbacks. It still offers significant advantages over paying checks manually to the school though. Read on to find out the pros and cons. More

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School readiness – the shortlist of skills your child REALLY needs for Kindergarten

This is the practical, parent-approved list of school readiness skills!

When it comes to school readiness, there are a variety of opinions. Some people will try to give you such a long list of readiness skills that I can pretty much guarantee that no child in your kid’s kindergarten class will possibly have managed to master it all. Here is the REAL, parent-approved list of skills your child needs for kindergarten, and WHY. Read on to find out more! More