Review of Stars Messenger app

Review of Stars: the private family messaging app that does not require a phone number

Here I’m reviewing Stars messaging, which our family has recently started using. It’s a phone and tablet app for families and kids who want a way to message each other without requiring a phone number. In other words, it can even work on a tablet with no data plan (so long as there is a Wi-Fi connection). First I’ll briefly explain how Stars works, then outline the pros and cons, and then I’ll explain why I feel it’s a safer fit for kids than other messaging apps on the market. More

Great deals on home, clothing and more review – great deals on well-known brands while helping the environment

Here I’m reviewing US store, where you can get items for a fraction of the retail price. How does this work? BLINQ partners with well-known retailers to get leftover inventory. Instead of having all of these items just be thrown out, BLINQ gets them and sells them deeply discounted, passing the savings along to you. You therefore can use BLINQ to snag some fantastic deals on items for your family and home (and for yourself too!) While doing so, you have the satisfaction of helping the environment by preventing these good-quality items from being sent to a landfill.

Here is my balanced review of BLINQ based on my shopping experiences there. More

Coffee break

What is the Amazon Fire tablet for under $50, releasing September 30th?

To make sure you have the facts when the topic comes up in social chitchat, we cover what you need to know about the under $50 Amazon Fire tablet which is releasing in under a week, on September 30th 2015.

It can be pre-ordered now if you want, but I strongly recommend you read this article first, since there are some “ifs and buts” that may apply to you. More