The best time of year for kids

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The holiday season

The holiday season is the best time of year for kids!

If you’re a kid, the holidays are amazing

The holiday season is undeniably the best time of year for kids. As a kid, I thought Christmas was amazing – Christmas tree lights, seasonal music, and all the excitement and anticipation of Christmas.

If you’re an adult, it’s not always so simple

As an adult, I hate to admit it but while the holidays are still a lot of fun there’s also extra stress that comes with Christmas – stresses that you just didn’t have as a kid. Nothing major, just little things, including “how on earth am I going to fit everything into my schedule!” That’s why I’m realizing that we can give our kids a fun Christmas – and they won’t have any of those same worries that we might have.

How we as adults can give our kids an awesome holiday season without going crazy

Things like baking cookies are a favorite way of mine to enjoy the holidays – either with help from the kiddos, or, if that just seems too exhausting (I hear ya!) then do it when the kids are at school or in bed. Home-made cookies can add so much to the excitement of the season for the youngsters, yet do not cost much at all. The time investment is often not even as big of a deal as we think it’ll be, especially when using a simple recipe. If you’re pushed for time (which is pretty much all of us at this time of year), just frost with store-bought cookie icing. I make sugar cookies other times of year too, and often use them as a Thank You gift to give to a neighbor or friend.

Sugar cookies.

Sugar cookies.

Still too exhausted to bake cookies? Then go for something easier: buy a loaf of Stollen bread for your family’s seasonal tradition. It’s a yummy yeast bread with dried fruits rolled into it and frosting drizzled on top.  The only downside is that not all grocery stores carry these, even during holiday season.

Stollen bread

Christmas Stollen bread.

Another tradition that makes for a fun and festive time for the kids is holiday decorating. You do not need to spend much on this. If your budget is especially tight, consider your local dollar store – you can get some surprisingly good holiday decorations for very little cash. We simply re-use whatever decorations we had last year; we just bring everything out and let the kids put things where they want. For our family this mostly involves putting up and decorating the Christmas tree and setting up the nativity, but every family will have their own holiday traditions and decorations. And if everything doesn’t look perfect, that’s OK: if the kids are proud of their work and excited about the holidays, that’s what counts.

Another easy and fun tradition is to just be together as a family and sip hot chocolate while watching a Christmas-themed movie. Or just any enjoyable family movie, really. If you want to be super relaxed and cozy, have everyone be in PJ’s.

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The holidays really are the best time of year to be a kid. And there are so many easy things that we as parents can do to make the holidays magical for our children.

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