Kids spring and summer 2017 fashion guide – tips and trends

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The style guide is here for children’s spring and summer fashion 2017!

OK, we’re doing this our usual way: first we’ll take a look at top runway brands for the trends, then see how the budget-friendly stores are doing with it.

Trends from top brands

First we’ll take a look at the collection from Oscar de la Renta:

As you can see in the video, colors run the gamut from pastels to bold red, white, and navy. This is true for both genders. We also noticed a nod to slightly retro styling, but with a crisp modern palette.

We also looked at Spanish brand Mayoral and UK brand River Island, both big names in the international children’s fashion scene. While River Island was stronger on the pastels, Mayoral went for more city type of a look, opting for mainly red, white and black. Mayoral lengths were mid-thigh for girls for dresses and shorts; boys lengths are longer – shorts are just above the knee.

In virtually all top brands…

  • White is really big this season for both genders. Other main palettes for boys and girls: pastels, or bold red, white and navy.
  • Girls’ dresses vary considerably in material and style, not just across labels but at designs within each label. No matter how fancy or fussy some of the designs are, each label usually contains at least one dress this season with super-simple lines, evoking the innocence of childhood.
  • Rompers are in for girls, in flowy materials.
  • For boys, shirts with collars are more strongly emphasized this season than in previous seasons. Polo neck shirts and short-sleeve button-down shirts are in.
  • For boys, shorts are to just above the knee.

How do the budget-friendly children’s clothing stores stack up?

Let’s take a look and see how some of our budget-friendly stores did:

The Children’s Place – Boys wear is going with more of an orange/blue theme, but done in a way that hits the mix of pastel / dark snappy colors well. Shorts length is just above knee, fitting in with the trends. Their collared shirts are done well.  For girls, shorts length was good – in particular their skimmer shorts are right on trend.

Crazy 8 – While it’s true that flowy materials are in, the Crazy 8 girls dresses are a little too strong on flowy at the cost of missing hitting the crisp styles and materials which are also trending this season. Palettes are a little too orange for girls, in my opinion. Crazy 8 would not be my first choice for trend-setting dresses, but they did a superb job with their other items. Boys wear had the shorts length perfect for trendiness, and an orange/blue palette similar to Children’s Place.

Gymboree – is not as budget-friendly as the previous two, but I did want to mention it because their palettes, materials, and styles were absolutely on trend when compared with runway brands.

Examples of perfectly on point items (aka would look at home on the runway):

These are styles that stood out for being able to look at home on a runway, even though they’re not from runway brands. If you’re interested in prices and sizes, all pics are clickable to the original store and product.

Budget: $

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Budget: $$

Smile Tie-Waist Dress Fish Shirt

Budget: $$$
Floral Lace Dress Striped Sweater Dress Sailboat Short


Save your hard-earned money

While it is probably tempting to rush and buy the trendy styles (especially when they’re at a low price point), I do want to caution you about one thing: check in with your child first.

Yes, I made the mistake of proudly putting together a really great outfit for a low price for my kid last year, very much on trend… the only problem was, he refused to wear it! I’ve learned from this mistake: now I usually ask my kids what they think of something before buying it. If I’m buying online from home, it’s super-easy to have them look at the pic on the computer.

This small tip will save you $ in clothes that might otherwise not get worn. By the time you figure out that your kid is never going to wear it – and the only clue might be they simply pick something else to wear each day instead – you may be past the date where you can return it. Pickiness could be less of an issue if your child enjoys wearing a variety of clothing or if they love dressing up. But finding out more about your child’s tastes will definitely save you money.

You heard it first from – where children’s clothing shouldn’t cost the earth!

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