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Best places for masks online for the family

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Disclosure: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, therefore I may be compensated if you purchase when clicking through my links.

washable cloth face masks

Ensuring you and your family have enough masks in a pandemic is crucial. Whether you are looking for washable cloth masks or medical style disposable masks, we've got you covered.

Remember, washable cloth face masks are not medical masks. They are not guaranteed to provide the same high level of protection that a medical mask will provide.

Washable cloth masks


I purchased most of my family's cloth masks from Most of you already know what Etsy is, even if you have never bought anything there. For anyone who doesn't know what it is, it's pretty simple: individual people make things (anything from masks to handbags to baby bibs - and so much more!) and they sell them to the public on the Etsy marketplace. It makes it really easy for you to buy from any of the creators on Etsy - you only need to sign up once and then you can buy from anyone who sells on Etsy.

What some people don't know is that Etsy is international! That's right - most (but not all) countries have access to Etsy and you can choose to limit your search to items that are made in your country, ensuring you get stuff shipped to you quickly and of course helping your economy. Some sellers will choose to also sell outside of their country and you can buy from those sellers too if you wish, it just could take a longer shipping time until you receive your item compared to if you'd picked a local item.


SendUsMasks is a Canadian company which ships to the US and Canada. They have plenty of washable masks. They all have adjustable ear loops, ensuring a comfortable fit. They're available in 3 sizes (Adult, Youth and Kids), and you can get them in packs of 2, 5, 10, or more. I can attest they're very reasonably priced, so this is well worth checking out.

Medical face masks

If you want more protection than a cloth mask will provide, you'll need disposable surgical grade face masks. I also find it useful to have a package of disposable masks stored in the car as backup, in case we forget to bring a mask with us when we go somewhere, even though we normally use cloth masks.

CWI Medical

I highly recommend CWI Medical for surgical grade face masks. They are a medical supply and home health supply store, and I've ordered from them before. This is an online store from which hospitals and care homes purchase, as well as individual people like you and me. Therefore they cater to both situations: you can buy items in small quantities or in bulk.

The prices at CWI Medical are cheap - I ordered masks from there, and even after adding the cost of shipping, it was still cheaper than buying from Walgreens. This Griffin Care Surgical Face Mask from CWI Medical is made in the USA in an ISO certified factory in a cleanroom, and are sterilized and UV-Ray cleansed, so you know there aren't any pre-existing germs on them. And you can buy a box of 50 for under $30 at the time of writing!


Walgreens is another option for buying surgical face masks online. The only gripe I have is that it can be hard to find suitable products: many of their surgical face masks are out of stock for online purchase at the time of writing. This is why I prefer CWI Medical as they tend to have more items in stock, but it's still worth checking out Walgreens to see what they have, especially if you have other items you want to order from them at the same time.


For washable cloth face masks, I recommend and SendUsMasks. For medical face masks, I recommend CWI Medical and Walgreens.

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