Where to buy Zote soap in the US

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Where do I find Zote soap, and what is it anyway?

Zote soap is a key ingredient of many home-made laundry detergent recipes. It is not, however, particularly easy to find.

Zote soap is a laundry soap and will therefore be found in the laundry aisle of the store, not with the bath soaps (although it looks similar to a bath soap in appearance and packaging). A bar of Zote soap has a distinctive logo and most commonly comes in a 14.1 oz size – like a supersize version of a bath soap. It comes in three colors; pink, blue and white. Of these, pink Zote soap is the most commonly used version.

Where to buy Zote soap in the US

A bar of pink Zote soap. This is the most usual size, 14.1 oz – much larger than bath soap. For a size comparison, nearby is a standard deck of playing cards.

Stores which commonly stock Zote soap in-store:

  • Major discount retail stores (‘big box’ type of stores)
  • Pharmacies
  • Grocery stores
  • Local smaller stores (e.g. a local independently owned general store)
  • Hispanic or international specialty grocery stores
  • The cleaning products aisle of hardware stores

Because Zote soap is made in Mexico, many Hispanic people are familiar with this brand. Therefore, you are more likely to find Zote soap in stores located in areas where there is a higher percentage of Hispanic population.

If you can’t find Zote soap in the above list of physical storefronts closest to you, don’t worry. You can still track down Zote soap in other ways shown below.

Save gas and time! Use the web to locate the closest Walmart that has Zote soap in stock

Go to www.walmart.com and and in the search box near the top, type Zote soap and press enter. Then in the product results click on “See store availability”. Based on your zip code, which you can enter, it will tell you whether or not the Zote soap is currently available at any of the various Walmart stores near you. You can always change your zip code (e.g. to your work location or some other place you regularly commute) if you are willing to look further afield.

If the nearest in-stock outlet is located too far away to be economical, it may suit you to buy Zote soap online.

Where to buy Zote soap online

The best-known major retailer which sells Zote soap online is Amazon. Amazon sells Zote soap via third party sellers. Price and shipping will vary. See Amazon shortcut below for details:

Another online option is Ebay. Many Ebay sellers offer Zote soap for sale; prices and shipping costs vary. If you have not shopped Ebay before you need to be certain you select a seller with a high feedback rating, as this is a measure of the seller’s reliability.

Did you know?

  • Zote soap is made in Mexico. It is non-toxic and is made of coconut oil, beef tallow, sodium chloride, glycerin, optical brighteners, coloring (in the case of blue and pink Zote soap) and essential citronella oil.
  • Zote soap was originally designed for hand-washing but works equally well for machine washing when grated, or as a stain remover by simply rubbing the solid bar onto stains.

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It is not always straightforward to find Zote soap in all areas of the US, but this go-to resource will guide you there.

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