Yandex free email review – a better alternative to Yahoo or Hotmail

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I only just realized yesterday that not everyone has heard of Yandex mail yet, so I thought this would be a good time to review it for you.

“What’s Yandex?” asked my normally web-savvy husband when I mentioned it.

Yandex is a well-known alternative to Google, Yahoo, etc overseas but only just now starting to trend within the US.  I’ve had an email account with Yandex for almost two years now, so I feel I am in a good position to give you an unbiased review.

As an alternative to Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, and so on, Yandex in my opinion knocks these guys out of the water. Yandex is a Russian company which offers a free email account. It actually does more than email (search engine, maps, etc) but done separately, without that spammy look that Yahoo and Hotmail have.

Today I’m just reviewing the email part of Yandex, because that’s the only part of it I use. I have to say that I love the clear, clean look of Yandex email. Also the cute background I picked is great (your friends will envy it if you show them – I’ll show you below) – makes checking my email a bit of a bright spot in my day.

Features of Yandex email

  • Free. Free is always good!
  • No ads anywhere – on the page or within the email content. 100% ad-free
  • Clean-cut, non-spammy look
  • Goes straight to your inbox after sign-in – not faced with ads, articles etc that you get on Yahoo
  • Security features and info easily rival that of Google. Not only can it inform me of my previous logins (like Google), but it can also tell me which messages I viewed during that time (which Google doesn’t do)! Also, after going a period of many months between logins, it put me through a captcha on my next login as an additional layer of protection. (The captcha went away automatically on subsequent successful logins after this one.)
  • Automatic spam filters, much like Google.
  • Ability to automatically organize back-and-forth messages into conversations for you, much like Google but done slightly differently. Either way, your inbox won’t blow up when you’re getting a bunch of replies to a message from the same people.
  • Good choice of skins, some which are a lot of fun. On mine I have a plain inbox on a background of cute little cartoon bears, where the background picture changes based on the time of day! Yes, in the morning, my “inbox bears” are just starting to wake up. In the afternoon, they’re playing outside (different pics at different parts of the afternoon). In the evening, they’re getting ready for bed. Who could not love that?!
  • Smartphone alerts. You also have the option of putting Yandex on your smartphone and get alerts there, much like you would with Gmail. The Yandex app is in the Play Store and the Apple Store. I don’t use this feature of Yandex myself so I can’t review that aspect of it, but it’s certainly a valuable option to have.  I can see it being useful for people doing time-dependent hobby-business stuff, like selling stuff on Etsy, who might want a dedicated account purely for that. They’d know that an alert from there means a customer.
Yandex morning bears

Screen shot below my inbox on Yandex – morning bears.

Did you know that Yandex is more popular worldwide than ESPN is within the USA?

According to the Alexa site measuring tool – a metric that ranks websites against each other for traffic and views – Yandex is incredibly well-known worldwide. The smaller the Alexa number, the most popular a site is (Google scores the coveted “1” score right now).

Yandex’s Alexa score worldwide at the time this post was written is around 1,900. This means Yandex is the 1900th most popular site in the world, which at first doesn’t sound like a big deal, but actually is when you think about how many sites are out there.

This score is even more favorable than that of ESPN worldwide which comes in at only about 32,000 at the time of writing, meaning ESPN is the 32,000th most popular site. You might argue that’s because ESPN isn’t that well-known outside of the US, but if we look at ESPN’s Alexa score solely within the US, it’s about 8,000 in the US. This 8,000 in the US is an improvement on ESPN’s 32,000 worldwide, but it still doesn’t beat out Yandex’s score of 1,900. So, Yandex is significantly more popular around the world than ESPN is at home!

Yandex midday bears

Screen shot below my Yandex inbox at mid-day

There is a good reason why you might not have heard of Yandex yet

The Alexa stats show that the vast majority of Yandex users are from just 2 countries: Russia (no surprises there) and India. In fact, US users currently account for only a relatively small 3.9% of all visits to Yandex, according to Alexa stats at the time of writing. So, it’s not big here yet in the USA, but it’s starting to trend.


If you’re looking for a good new secondary email account, I highly recommend Yandex because of its clean, no-mess no-fuss design and its robust security features.

Yandex evening bears

My inbox bears in the evening

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