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The 6 Best Budget-Friendly Stores to Buy Kids Clothes

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Best cheap children's clothing stores

The top 6 list is here. Note that some of these links may be affiliate links – however, all are stores in which I have had personal experience shopping:

1. The Children’s Place

Although very affordable and budget-friendly, The Children’s Place gives off an exclusive and fun boutique vibe, especially if you’re shopping in store. Small, intimate stores and captivating clothing designs make for a great shopping experience.


You won’t break your budget shopping at The Children’s Place, despite its upscale look. You can also shop online. Note that at full price regardless of in store or online, certain clothing options can be pricey there (e.g. outerwear). On the other hand, many standard and other hard-to-find items are quite cheap (e.g. winter boots). There is almost always a sale or special promotion running online at The Children’s Place. In-store you can also expect special deals.

2. Cookies Kids

Cookies Kids is a children’s clothing department store. It focuses on stocking existing well-known brands at deeply discounted prices (as opposed to producing its own clothing lines). Selection can be hit-and-miss depending on time of year, but ability to filter by size helps a lot here. I’ve gotten some real steals from there from major brand names. There are only 6 stores in the US, all in New York City. For the rest of us, we can shop online at Cookies Kids. I’ve ordered there a bunch of different times and never had a problem.

3. Old Navy


In addition to kids clothes, Old Navy sells clothing for adults too. I’ve included Old Navy because it has its own clothing lines. This means that, unlike department store lines, you won’t be able to find the Old Navy children’s clothes anywhere else – its own site is the best place to snag their deals. Old Navy has good low prices and frequently offers in-store and online specials.

4. French Toastshow?id=skT63fkEEIE&bids=331428.10000218&type=3&subid=0

Although it’s a school uniform store, I occasionally shop at French Toastshow?id=skT63fkEEIE&bids=331428.10000218&type=3&subid=0 even though my children’s school has no uniform or dress code. I’ve found it’s a great place to shop for good quality low-priced basics such as polo-neck shirts and basic khaki-style pants. In particular, there are a lot of options in girls’ tops, offering detailing such as picot collar, ruched sleeves or waist tuck. This can be great if you’re seeking to pair the often-busy prints of current girls’ clothing with a solid one-color top in a cute girly style.


Although it doesn’t frequently offer the big discount sales of Children’s Place and Old Navy, you won’t need them with French Toast: you get consistently low prices year-round.

5. Carter’s

Carter’s is the lower budget sibling store of the exclusive OshKosh B’Gosh brand. Carter’s has a great selection of clothing in sizes newborn to size 12 kids. Sales and discounts are offered frequently. You can shop in store or online.

6. OshKosh B’Gosh

OshKosh B’Gosh can be surprisingly affordable if you shop during their sales. I bought OshKosh jeans for my oldest child for under $10. There really is no need to restrict yourself only to discount stores when there is so much available in brand names at low prices.

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