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Where to find trendy children's clothes
Kids fashion and style on a budget

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Children's clothing with international shipping

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Written by Vera C. Last updated on .

Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this page. This helps keep this site running

Child in overalls playing - example for baby clothes with international shipping

Do you live outside the US? If so, here is a section just for you. You might be wondering which children's clothing shops offer international shipping. Here is a list of reliable reputable children's clothing shops which offer international delivery to most countries. Almost all of these stores I have shopped at myself and I can attest they are reliable and legitimate. Please note that I have only purchased domestically within the US from these stores.

Be aware store policies may change. I periodically re-check the information on this page by making a test cart at each retailer and updating this page as needed. All information is correct at the time of writing (date shown near title of article at top).

Reliable affordable children's clothing shops which offer international delivery

Janie and Jack

Children's clothing brand Janie and Jack is all about high quality really gorgeous clothes, for all ages from baby through teens. The prices are affordable considering the top-notch level of quality. Pricing is still a little bit higher than the other stores mentioned in this article, but the good news is that you'll find this is partly offset by a relatively lower cost for shipping (see below). They ship to most countries worldwide, and they handle their own shipping via a major overseas courier company, which was DHL at the time of writing.

To check on international shipping costs before committing, pick your country of choice at the top left of the Janie and Jack site (bonus: pricing will then display in your currency) and put your items in the cart. Then at checkout after entering your email address but before entering your full address or credit card details, you will be able to see the shipping fee. You may need to re-update the country in the shipping details at this point to ensure your cart auto-updates with the shipping costs. I noticed that international shipping fees at Janie and Jack are actually quite a lot cheaper than the other shops mentioned on this page!

If you're looking for a special item with a high-end look for your child or as a gift for a niece or nephew, then Janie and Jack is perfect.

OshKosh B'Gosh and Carter's

Both OshKosh B'Gosh and sibling store Carter's ship internationally to almost all countries via BorderFree. Both stores have lovely clothing; however, I'd recommend OshKosh B'gosh since their famous overalls have that extra awesomeness factor. Your kid will be the cool kid on the playground. They have everything from baby clothes (starting at size preemie) and going all the way up to kids 14 years old.

Both stores share a combined cart and shipping rules so if you want to get something from each store you can totally do that! As is the case with many other children's clothing stores, promotional codes for domestic orders cannot be used on international orders.

To view shipping charges without providing credit card details, put items in your cart then go to guest checkout, then before entering credit card details and shipping address, click on “change country” in shipping address area. You may have to hit the checkout button again after that to refresh the cart with the shipping cost. If you choose to proceed, you will then be directed to the BorderFree checkout.

Shipping charges from OshKosh B'Gosh and Carter's depend on weight and destination and can be a little on the high side since it's through third-party service BorderFree.

Pleats and Stitches

Pleats and Stitches is a family-owned U.S. brand of traditional and beautifully detailed classic clothing for the younger set - things you simply can't get anywhere else. Hand-smocking and hand embroidery are featured in most of their clothing. This is the place for special traditional pieces such as shortalls and heirloom dresses. If you want to get traditionally styled baby clothes delivered internationally, this is the place to shop.

Pleats and Stitches, which is based at, delivers to many but not all countries. You can get shipping estimates for any item without needing to provide any information. To do this, when you're on the page for that item, before even adding it to your cart, you can see shipping costs to your country by scrolling down. It will be in the "Shipping and return policies" section, you can select your country in that section by tapping or clicking on "deliver to" and select your country.

Pricing of items and of international shipping are surprisingly low considering we are talking about such carefully crafted items. This brand has excellent reviews on Etsy; these reviews are a strong indicator of reliability and quality.

French Toast


French Toast school and dress code wear has high quality clothing for a surprisingly low price.. Even if your child doesn't go to a school with uniform, I love the range of different styles of shorts and long pants for boys and girls. The girls in particular get even more of a range of styles, not only with pants but also with shirts, with all kinds of different options such as Peter Pan collar, picot collar, and so on. Items are well crafted and I've found they always come out of the washer and dryer beautifully; skirts are never wrinkled and polo shirt collars always lay properly flat. We love the French Toast blazer we bought for my son; he uses it for formal occasions.

The sizes go from toddler to high school. In addition to ordinary school wear, French Toast also has a line of adaptive clothing for kids with extra needs that I have covered in another article.

The only negative is that the cost of international delivery at French Toast is very high. However, it works out much more favorably for larger orders than smaller ones, so if you're looking to stock up this may be worthwhile.

To ship outside the U.S., French Toast partners with BorderFree. To ship internationally, on the French Toast website select your desired shipping country using the flag at the top of the page before adding your items to the cart. If you change the shipping after adding items to cart, it won't remember the items in the cart and you'd need to start over, which is a bit frustrating. Once you have the correct shipping country and your items are in the cart, go to checkout and you'll be able to see the BorderFree shipping fee without needing to put in any information.

Please note that the French Toast shipping costs are on the higher end compared to other stores on this page. However, this is partially offset by the relatively low prices of their school wear, particularly compared to the high local costs of school wear in certain countries such as New Zealand.

Little English

320x100 - FALL15 - 15% Off Order

Little English is all about classic traditional children's clothing. If you're looking for smocked outfits, formal photo clothing, or simply a special gift for your baby, toddler or a young relative then this is a wonderful option. Little English has worldwide delivery to most countries, which is wonderful to see.

Please note that both the items and the international shipping at Little English are a little more expensive than many of the other stores on this page. Outside the US, a flat rate international rate shipping fee of $50 is applied, except for Japan and UAE at $60. The Little English international delivery fee therefore works out better for larger orders.

Little & Lively

Little and Lively

Little & Lively is an ethically produced line of children's clothing by Canadian company The Kindred Studio. The clothing is beautifully made and you have the satisfaction of knowing that the items are locally sewn in Canada by people who are paid a fair wage. All fabrics are ethically sourced. Sizing goes from baby to children's size 14.

Little & Lively ships internationally to many countries. You will need to put in your email and shipping address (but not credit card info) to get shipping costs at checkout. The cart will auto-update with the shipping cost.

Shipping costs are average compared to other stores on this page.

Petite Revery

Petite Revery

Petite Revery, or "Little Dream" is another socially and environmentally responsible brand of children's clothing from Canadian brand Nest Designs. If you're looking for playful clothing that is sustainable, this is where you want to shop. Sizes go from toddler through to 9 or 10 years old.

Petite Revery ships to almost all countries. To find out the shipping fees, go to checkout - you'll need to fill in your email and shipping address (but not your billing address or credit card details) and the cart will auto-update with the shipping cost.


There are several U.S. and Canadian children's clothing shops which have international delivery. Janie and Jack and Pleats and Stitches each handle their own worldwide shipping, while OshKosh B'Gosh, Carter's and French Toast partner with BorderFree to ship globally. Little English, Little & Lively and Petite Revery don't specify their shipping method.

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