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How to find good kids clothes
Parent-approved tips for finding affordable children's clothing

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Children's clothing with international shipping

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Disclosure: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, therefore I may be compensated if you purchase when clicking through my links. This helps keep the website running.

Child in overalls playing - best places for children's clothing with international delivery

Do you live outside the US? If so, here is a section just for you. You might be wondering which children's clothing shops offer international shipping to virtually all countries. Here is a list of those who are still delivering internationally in 2022. Almost all of these stores I have shopped at myself. I can attest they are reliable and legit. Please note that I have only purchased domestically within the US from these stores.

Affordable children's clothing shops which offer international delivery

The Children's Place

The Children's Place offers boutique styling but at incredibly low prices. They ship to virtually all countries via pre-integrated third-party service BorderFree. You can shop in your own currency and have the shipping location default to your own country at the Children's Place website by clicking on the "ship to" flag icon at the top of the page.

At checkout you'll see the shipping charges without having to provide any personal information. We noticed shipping rates were relatively high if you're just buying one or two items; they work out more favorably for larger orders.


Gymboree has a traditional and preppy twist on playful clothes, and is ideal when you want your child to look well-dressed without being overdressed. They're actually the slightly fancier sibling brand of The Children's Place, yet Gymboree is still quite affordable. Gymboree's shipping goes worldwide through pre-integrated service Borderfree at checkout.

Janie and Jack

Children's clothing brand Janie and Jack is all about high quality, really gorgeous clothes, for all ages from baby through 12 years old. The prices are affordable considering the top-notch level of quality. Pricing is still a little bit higher than the other stores mentioned in this article, but the good news is that you'll find this is partly offset by their lower cost shipping options (see below). They ship to most countries worldwide, and they handle their own shipping via a major overseas courier company, which was DHL at the time of writing.

To check on international shipping costs before committing, pick your country of choice at the top left of the Janie and Jack site (bonus: pricing will then display in your currency) and put your items in the cart. Then at checkout after entering your email address but before entering your full address or credit card details, your cart will auto-update with the shipping fee so you'll be able to see your shipping costs. I noticed that international shipping fees at Janie and Jack are actually quite a lot cheaper than the other shops mentioned on this page!

If you're looking for a special item with a high-end look, maybe for your own child or a gift for a niece or nephew, then Janie and Jack is perfect.

OshKosh B'Gosh and Carter's

Both OshKosh B'Gosh and sibling store Carter's ship internationally to almost all countries via BorderFree. Both stores have lovely clothing; however, I'd recommend OshKosh B'gosh since their famous overalls have that extra awesomeness factor. Your kid will be the cool kid on the playground.

Both stores share a combined cart and shipping rules so if you want to get something from each store you can totally do that! As is the case with many other children's clothing stores, promotional codes for domestic orders cannot be used on international orders.

Shipping charges from OshKosh B'Gosh and Carter's depend on weight and destination and can be a little on the high side since it's through third-party service BorderFree.

Cotton On

Cotton On sells environmentally and socially responsible clothing in a range of designs with great attitude. Besides children's clothing, they also sell men's and women's.

As the name suggests, Cotton On's clothes are made of cotton, and sourced with fair wage principles. Originally an Australian brand, it also has a strong presence in the USA and worldwide. Cotton On delivers to virtually all countries worldwide for a flat rate, so the good news is that you won't wind up with continually increasing costs if you add more items in your cart. As an added bonus, Cotton On uses its own checkout for international orders; it doesn't rely on third party checkouts like BorderFree, which can make shipping a bit cheaper for you.

One tip for international orders: Cotton On's main website will automatically direct you to the nearest geographical version of the site for you (it's personalized for different areas of the world). However, you should at this point check the delivery information at the bottom of its website for shipping rates. If your country does not receive special cheap shipping rates from that version of the Cotton On site, you might prefer instead to shop from the Australian version of the site at . This is because I found that the international shipping rates often work out cheaper when shipping worldwide from Cotton On's Australia site. That being said, depending where you are located in the world, items from the Australian site might take longer to get to you than the nearest geographical Cotton On site that it'll auto-direct you to.

To sum up, if you want to save money, compare shipping rates to your country on a) the default Cotton On site for you and b) the Australian Cotton On site. But if speed of items arriving is more important to you than saving money, then shop at your default Cotton On site.

Smockingbird kids

Smockingbird Kids is a U.S. brand of traditional and beautifully detailed clothing for the younger set - things you simply can't get anywhere else. Some designs are available for monogramming too, which is perfect if you're buying something for a gift for a child. The pricing of the clothes is reasonable considering how much work goes into them. So this is your place for special or formal baby and toddler wear.

Smockingbird delivers worldwide via UPS through their standard checkout. However, I have to warn you that the shipping charges are sky-high! So internationally, this store is more for if you're looking to splurge on a special item for your child or a young niece or nephew.


There are several children's clothing shops which have international delivery. Janie and Jack, Cotton On and Smockingbird Kids each handle their own worldwide shipping, while The Children's Place, Gymboree, OshKosh B'Gosh, and Carter's partner with BorderFree to ship globally.

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