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Product review: Back-to-school clothing from French Toast

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Written by Vera C. Last updated on .

Disclosure: I was given free items of apparel from French Toast to review in this article. Also, I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post; this helps keep this website running.

Boy climbing tree while wearing French Toast school clothing
My son climbing a tree in French Toast boy's shorts and polo top

Here I'm reviewing specific items of school wear from U.S. brand French Toast for this year's back to school. I've shopped there before because of the high quality, durability and affordable pricing of their items.

Let's look at three of this season's products: the boy's adjustable waist double knee pant, the short sleeve pique polo top and the flat front stretch short. I've taken pics that show not only how they would look on a typical child, but also close-ups of the items alone so you can see for yourself some of the details I'll be talking about. The three items you'll see here are just a subset of what's available to you when you shop at French Toast because they make multiple styles of shorts, skirts, pants, polo tops, dresses, and so on. Almost everything in their store is available in multiple styles to suit your child.

I'll go ahead and start with the pants since they'll likely be a must-have for the school year; you'll need them by the time winter comes around. Then we'll take a closer look at the polo top and the shorts.

Boy's adjustable waist double knee pants

Boy's adjustable waist twill pants by French ToastFrench Toast adjustable waist twill pants

Boy's adjustable waist double knee twill pants from French Toast

The boy's adjustable waist double knee pants look great and are the perfect weight. They have a good quality weight to them and because of that, I can see they would last a long time: it's not going to be easy for rips to appear in these pants. They have a pleasing thickness of material that will see you through fall and winter. The khaki color here did not feel uncomfortably hot even in warm weather. It's also available in other colors. This pant has double knees: a reinforced knee on the inside, completely invisible from the outside - ideal for your active child. I also liked the wrinkle-free aspect of it: just throw it in the washer and dryer and it's good to go.

One feature which I especially liked was the adjustable waistband. I've shown it in the pic below, and this is a huge advantage over brands which don't offer this feature. The adjustable waistband makes it so easy to ensure the fit is always right for your child, and comfort is so important at school when they're trying to concentrate. And the hook and bar closure is easy and convenient for little fingers to get on and off when they use the bathroom.

Detail of waistband and closure for the French Toast boy's adjustable waist twill pant

Detail of waistband and closure for the boy's adjustable waist double knee pants from French Toast

Boy's short sleeve pique polo top & flat front stretch short

I'll cover the remaining two items next, the boy's short sleeve pique polo top and boy's flat front stretch short.

Boy wearing French Toast pique polo and flat front stretch shorts

French Toast boy's short sleeve pique polo top and flat front stretch short

The polo-and-shorts combo was a winner with my son John (below); as you can see, the pique polo top and stretch shorts allow plenty of movement for all kinds of play.

Boy wearing French Toast pique polo and flat front stretch shortsBoy wearing French Toast pique polo and flat front stretch shortsBoy wearing French Toast pique polo and flat front stretch shortsBoy wearing French Toast pique polo and flat front stretch shorts

Your child will get plenty of movement in the pique polo top and flat front stretch short

Shorts detail

The boy's flat front stretch shorts have an adjustable waistband, which made it very easy to obtain a comfortable fit.

Detail of French Toast flat front stretch shorts

Detail from flat front stretch shorts showing the adjustable waistband.

Pique polo top detail

As you can see below, the pique polo top has a no-tag neck for extra comfort. I love that it has a place where you can write your child's name: ideal for keeping everything straight on laundry day if you have several kids going to the same school.

Detail from neck of French Toast boy's short sleeve pique polo top

Detail from the French Toast short sleeve pique polo top showing space to write your child's name.

Mask with purchase while supplies last

I was thrilled to find out that French Toast customers are getting a free children's mask with each order while supplies last! Oddly enough, at the time of writing, the masks are not available for purchase even if you wanted to buy one. The only way to get a French Toast mask is to place an order for apparel. Receive a free mask with every order (while supplies last, one per order, restrictions apply). The mask is cute and comfy with soft and stretchy elastics for little ears. Also, there is a space for a filter if you choose to use one (see back view in second image below). The free mask is above and beyond what any other children's clothing retailer is doing; I love that French Toast is genuine about taking care of your child's health and safety at school.

Kids mask from French Toast - front viewKids mask from French Toast - back view

Front and back view of French Toast children's mask.

Strong, easy-care fabrics

I put all of these clothing items together in the washer and dryer, along with other items of my children's laundry that needed to be washed. I'm aware I'm instead supposed to wash similar colors together, but really, who has time for that? For these items to be reviewed fairly, they needed to go through my laundry exactly the same way that I normally do for my kids, which is all of it thrown in together regardless of color or fabric.

I'm pleased to report that the French Toast items made it through my haphazard method of laundry perfectly. The items in the pics above are all after being laundered. There was no pilling or shedding by any of these items, nor did they attract lint from other items. This is wonderful news, as I'm sure none of us have time to de-lint our children's clothes when we're getting ready for school!


The items I reviewed here, the French Toast boy's adjustable waist double knee pant, short sleeve pique polo top and flat front stretch short are all perfect for back to school. My child found them comfortable and practical, and I liked the way they looked on him. I could tell from the feel of the fabric that these items were high quality, and I can attest they are easy to deal with on laundry day.

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