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Back to School 2021-22 - Review of French Toast school clothes

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Written by Vera C. Last updated on .

Disclosure: I was given free items of apparel from French Toast to review in this article. Also, I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post; this helps keep this website running.

Boy and girl standing in French Toast schoolwear - French Toast review of 2021-22 schoolwear

Back to school for a more normal year! Your child will need some back to school clothes, especially if he or she has had a growth spurt.

So, this is where French Toast comes in - it's a U.S. school wear brand I've shopped many times before because of these 5 factors in combo:

  1. High quality
  2. Low price point
  3. Extreme durability - we outgrow items before they get holes in them, unlike other brands
  4. Plenty of style options and colors available - for example, your girl can pick a skinny stretch pant instead of a straight leg pant if she prefers. You've got choices.
  5. Weekly time-saver for you - the clothes come out of the laundry beautifully every time, and collars lay flat. No need to get wrinkles out, straighten collars etc like you would have to with other brands. This point is much more important than you might first think.

Here I'm reviewing the items listed below from French Toast, and a little further down I'll show you pics of the clothes and how they look on my child models. Here are links to the actual items we're looking at, in case you want to see sizing and pricing.

For girls

For boys

For both

If you are looking for school uniform or dress code items for your child, you're in the right place. Even though my kids don't have a school uniform, we have bought basic pieces from French Toast before (khaki-style pants etc) because of the advantages I mentioned above.

Let's move on and take a good look at some of this year's back to school items and their up-close details, and what I found out while using them.

Girl's short sleeve picot collar polo

We're looking at this top in light blue, but it's available in plenty of other colors also.

Detail of picot collar and floral buttons in the French Toast girls short sleeve polo top

Above: Detail of the girl's short sleeve picot collar polo shirt showing the picot edging and flower buttons. The material is nice and soft.

I loved the beautiful picot edging on the collar, and the cute flower-shaped buttons that you can see above in my close-up pic.

Next we'll see how this short sleeve picot polo looks on our child model.

Girl wearing French Toast girls polo neck shirt and scooter skort

Above: Mary wears the French Toast girl's short sleeve picot collar polo shirt and the girl's 2-tab scooter skort

As you can see from our model, the girl's short sleeve picot polo and scooter skort are comfortable and look great. Moving on to the scooter skort in more detail, you'll see it really does a great job in terms of combining comfort, ease of movement, and modesty.

Girl's scooter skort

French Toast scooter skort - front view French Toast scooter skort - back view

Waist detail of the French Toast scooter skort Detail of built-in shorts in the French Toast scooter skort

Above: Detail from the girl's scooter skort. You can see that the waistband is adjustable via an elastic on the inside back of the waistband. You can also see the built-in shorts.

I was extremely impressed with how the pleats stayed put right out of the laundry. The skort is ready to go, no ironing needed.

Boy's short sleeve sport polo

Now we'll take a look the boy's items. The French Toast boy's short sleeve sport polo is made of a smooth, sporty style of material which wicks away moisture and dries quickly. It's different to the thicker cotton fabric we saw in the girl's polo above, and is also available in a range of colors.

Boys short sleeve sport polo

Above: The boys short sleeve sport polo

Let's see how it looks on our boy model:

Boy wearing French Toast short sleeve sport polo and pull-on short

Above: John wears the French Toast short sleeve sport polo and boy's pull-on shorts

These items are relaxing and easy to wear. Let's move on to the shorts is closer detail.

Boy's pull-on short

Front detail of French Toast boys pull-on shorts Back detail of French Toast boys pull-on shorts

Above: Detail from the boys pull-on short. The front looks like a regular formal short, but at the back there is an elastic waist.

Your boy doesn't need to handle buttons, zippers or snaps with the pull-on short.

The button and fly are non-functional, but they look every bit realistic.

This style of short, in my opinion, is a real winner. Even kids who are physically able to do buttons and zippers will appreciate the break from it, especially when going back to school with so many other things happening. I also loved the slant pockets at the front.


The French Toast kids cloth face mask is available in one size only. From experimenting with these, I'd say sizing corresponds approximately to Kindergarten through to 6th grade. My incoming 7th grader (older brother of the boy model you saw above) had this style of French Toast mask last year too, and it worked well then but is a little too snug for him this year around. Of course, each child is different, but this will give you a general idea of the fit.

The mask sizing dimensions from French Toast actually work really well, because it fits the under-12's that are most likely to still require masks for school in 2021-22. I'll show you pics of the mask itself, and our two models wearing the masks.

French Toast kids cloth mask - front view French Toast kids cloth mask - back view

Above: The French Toast kids cloth mask, front and back views. You can see there is a space to insert a filter if you wish your child to use one.

Boy and girl models wearing French Toast schoolwear, including masks

Above: French Toast boy and girl school uniforms with masks

It is a very comfortable mask - I mentioned just before that my older child used this style of mask last year. Besides it being his favorite mask, he was also able to run cross-country with the mask pulled down below his chin (this was just how they were expected to run in meets and practices) without it falling off or feeling uncomfortable. This tells me the mask is really good!

Comfortable school clothes

The clothes are comfortable enough that both kids wanted to climb a tree!

Girl and boy in French Toast school clothes climbing tree - start Girl and boy in French Toast school clothes climbing tree

Girl in French Toast school clothes climbing tree Girl in French Toast school clothes climbing tree

The items reviewed above are just a tiny fraction of what's available from the brand, so it's well worth taking a look at the French Toast site for the full range of styles to get your child ready for back-to-school.

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