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Best places for children’s jackets

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child in winter jacket and hat

Good news: you don’t have to break the bank to purchase a great jacket for your child. Even if it doesn’t snow where you live, your child still needs a jacket for those colder days. There are several great choices for where you can get this; all are stores at which I’ve personally shopped at before.

1. Cookie’s Kids

Cookie's Kids is hands-down my number one go-to place for jackets for my kids. There I can get a jacket from one of the fancy brands at a price that is usually lower than big-box discount stores. How does this work? Simple: Cookie’s Kids is an Overstock-type of store, but specializing only in children’s clothing. This store had such a good deal last season that I actually purchased a jacket ahead of time in the next size up, for my child to have when he outgrows his current one.

Based in New York and shipping all over the US (and internationally now too), Cookie’s Kids is very reliable and I’ve always felt proud of the deals I’ve gotten there.

Pros: Superb deals on jackets.

Cons: Sizing and styles can be somewhat limited due to it being an Overstock-type of store.


2. OshKosh B’Gosh

OshKosh B'gosh has an excellent range of jackets, from lightweight rain-resistant wear through to heavyweight snow jackets. Their lightweight and midweight jackets are a lot cheaper than you would think, but be warned that the snow jackets are pricey. It’s definitely worth checking out OKBG, as they often run markdowns that can leave a midweight jacket at a price similar to those at big-box stores.

Pros: Good range of jackets; all are designed with both practicality and style in mind. Excellent quality and brand-name recognition factor.

Cons: Heavyweight snow jackets can be quite pricey.


3. Old Navy

Not everyone thinks of Old Navy first for outerwear, yet they have a range of children’s outerwear. I’ve had an Old Navy jacket be handed down and worn by my two boys for over a year each, and it still looks great.

Pros: Attention is paid to trends and styles.

Cons: Unlike the other stores mentioned here, this is not the best place for a heavy winter jacket. If it snows where you live, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere.


4. Target

Target is a decent option for children’s jackets; you can almost always find the type of thing you’re looking for. It is not my favorite place for just one reason: Target is everywhere, so odds are that some other kid in your child’s classroom will have the same jacket if you buy one from there.

Pros: Good selection; low price point.

Cons: Other kids might also have the same jacket from there.


5. Amazon

You can find a fantastic range of children's jackets at Whether you’re looking for rain jacket for when your kids are waiting at the school bus stop, or a serious snow jacket, you’ll find it at Amazon.

Pros: Best selection of jackets around.

Cons: It can take ages to wade through the many results looking for what you need.


You have a bunch of good options for high quality kids jackets at an affordable price. These are:Cookie's Kids, OshKosh B'gosh, Old Navy, Target, and Amazon.

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