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Best places to buy school uniforms

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Written by Vera C. Last updated on .

Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. This helps keep this website running.

girl in blue school uniform shirt with backpack

If your child's school has a uniform or dress code, you may be wondering where is the best place to buy this. Here I'm going to list several stores which I've had experience buying uniform or dress code wear. Some of these stores are better for certain items than others; I've indicated where that is the case.

French Toast

I've put French Toast first for a reason: it's hands down the number one place I like for uniform wear because of the high quality. The pricing is just as affordable as anywhere else, so you can't go wrong shopping there. In particular, you'll save time on busy school day mornings not having to deal with wrinkles in clothing. Their clothes come out of the dryer ready to go, no ironing needed, and best of all, their polo collars lie flat and behave properly. If you have never bought school uniform wear before, let me tell you that the polo collars are a bigger deal than they first seem. We've bought other brands of polo shirts and the collars need constant straightening and never really lie flat properly. So if a polo shirt is part of your child's uniform or dress code, I recommend French Toast.

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French Toast, since it specializes in school uniforms, also offers hard-to-find colors of items such as polo shirt and plaid skirts and dresses. You'll also find many more options of pant styles than you would at other places. In particular I love their pull-on khaki style pants (boy styles here; girls styles here). They look exactly like the real thing but have a fake button and fly, ideal for kids that struggle a little with buttons and zippers, or just to make your child's life easier.

The Children's Place

The Children's Place sells a much more limited range of colors and styles of school uniform than French Toast. Their strength is that The Children's Place has khaki-style pants available in extended sizing. If you have a tall slender child for example, then this is the best place for the uniform khaki-style pants.

You can also find polo neck tops there, but we have had mixed results when it comes to the collars laying flat, so I wouldn't recommend it for polo neck tops. Pants yes though - my tall slender kids have all their pants from there, and I highly recommend the Children's Place long uniform pants. They offer them in regular sizing, slim/slender, and plus/husky to ensure a great fit for every child.

With free shipping for all orders at The Children's Place, you can easily afford to buy the uniform pants, skirts, and dresses there and shop elsewhere for polo tops such as French Toast that I mentioned above.

OshKosh B'gosh and Carter's

Sibling brands OshKosh B'gosh and Carter's sell uniform separates. It can be a little harder to find what you're looking for there, since unlike the other stores here, they don't have a one-click uniform shop category. But don't worry - you can get their boys and girls uniform tops here and uniform bottoms here.

Old Navy

Old Navy has plenty of uniform wear - you can take a look at their uniform store for boys and for girls.

We like these boys uniform pants with built-in flex stretch technology. The girls have a similar uniform pant in a girls cut, with sizes 5-8 having a snap-button closure while sizes 10-16 feature a regular button closure.

These items are offered in a range of regular sizes and some extended sizing is available. The extended sizes tend to go out of stock quickly at Old Navy, but if that is the case for you, then head over to The Children's Place - they almost always have extended sizes in stock.

You heard it first at - where children's clothes shouldn't cost the earth!

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